2/5: Decisions with suited QJ

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2/5 casino game. All players in the hand had stacks between $500-$700.

Hero is in the CO with :Qs:Js .


Hijack: Fairly new to the table but had played almost all his hands. Seemed like the gambling type.
Button: Fishy player calling lots of raises. Very fit or fold.
BB: Aggressive solid player who 3-bet a lot.


HJ: $20/Folds
Hero: Calls/Folds
Button: Calls/Folds
BB: $80


1) Is :Qs:Js strong enough to 3-bet here to isolate the hijack? Or was calling the correct play? I don't believe folding is correct, or is it?
2) IS :Qs:Js strong enough to call a frequent 3-better, in an obvious squeeze spot, with position? As I list all those things, I think yes. But I'm not sure.


  • SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 780 ✭✭✭
    My thoughts:

    Second question- You are getting 2-1 to call. If BB is 3betting with approx 9% of hands then you are marginally getting right odds to call

    9% approx- 88+,ATs+,KTs+,QJs,AJo+,KQo. If you believe BB wider then call becomes more +EV. A wider range also makes a 4-bet look fun

    First question- I normally would not call with 3 bettor yet to act as I think most of the time their range is tighter than the 9% unless one of my super LAGS. Too, the possibility of being OOP if 3 bettor is not in blinds is no fun with this hand w/o smashing. Light 3 betting the HJ certainly looks like it could be profitable.
  • ColepietschColepietsch Red Chipper Posts: 33
    I definitely like 3-betting here. The upside is huge with getting the button and blinds out against one opponent who's loose and gambling. Your hand has monster equity in this spot. Just calling gives an open to the solid player. We dont want him to be able to make these plays so diguise your hand by making it look super strong with a 3 bet.
  • ColepietschColepietsch Red Chipper Posts: 33
    On another note after the solid player raises if you think it's a squeeze go with your read and re pop it. Make it 200 to go and see what he does. If he calls then you've got position and the hammer. If he 5bets u loose 200 as I would fold. But rarely do these games of chicken break out in live 2/5 casino poker.

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