Hand #3

zampana1970zampana1970 Red Chipper Posts: 549 ✭✭✭
I feel sad that I'm the only one pounding away on this, but pound I will! Maybe as the months go on more will show up and people can tell me where I'm going all wrong.

We are at the final table with a bunch of inexperienced players and they’re on TV so the big concern for many will be to not look stupid, to not make a dumb play.

I’ve just doubled up to become second stack.

So I think I would open in MP1: 22+, AJs+, A5s-A2s, KJs+, QJs, JTs, T9s, 98s, AJo+, KQo
I would be looking to call anything the small blind pushed. I would call a push from the other stacks 88+, AQs+, KQs, AKo
And I would call a reraise from one or more of the medium stacks with 55+, AQs+, KQs, JTs, T9s, 98s, AQo+, KQo
And I would reraise/push QQ+, AsQs+, AdQd+, AcKs, AdKs, AdKh, AsKc, AsKd, AhKd, AcQs, AdQs, AdQh, AsQc, AsQd, AhQd

Is it right to use part of those big AK/AQ hands as bluffs because of the blockers? Do I want to be bluffing with less equity - i.e.: KJ rather than AQ?

Flop 7h7c4d

My Cbet range here - JJ-88, 66-55, 33-22, AQs+, AhJh, AcJc, AdJd, KhQh, KcQc, KdQd, AKo

Is there enough bluff hands here? The overcards are bluffs/draws. The pairs are equity. I don’t know how ICM affects my decision here. I really need to know the ICM considerations better.

Let’s Check/Raise - QQ+, 77, 44, Ah5h, Ah3h-Ah2h, Ac5c, Ac3c-Ac2c, Ad5d, Ad3d-Ad2d

Should those big OPs be in the check raise range instead of cbetting? Maybe spread half and half?

AJ is cbet as a bluff to BDFD/OC
AA is c/r
99 is cbet for value
9h8h is not in my range

Turn 7h7c4dKh

Kh helps my range better.

My betting range: 44, AKs, AhQh-AhJh, Ah5h, Ah3h-Ah2h, Ac5c, Ac3c-Ac2c, Ad5d, Ad3d-Ad2d, AKo - 2.%/26 combos

C/r range: KK, 77, Ah5h, Ah3h-Ah2h - .6%/7 combos
My c/call range: AA, QQ-TT, KhQh, KcQc, KdQd 2.3%/26 combos

KJ not here but if it was it’s a lead.
55 check/fold
ATo not here but if it was I think it’s check/fold too

If turn were A then I’d be c/c my Ax hands, my KK would be c/c and any FD I had I prob would bet

Turn continuing range: TT+, 77, 44, AKs, AhQh-AhJh, Ah5h, Ah3h-Ah2h, Ac5c, Ac3c-Ac2c, Ad5d, Ad3d-Ad2d, KhQh, KcQc, KdQd, AKo - 5%, 56 combos

River: 7h7c4dKh3s

Let’s bet: 44, Ac5c, Ac3c-Ac2c
Let’s C/r: KK,77
C/c: AA, QQ-JJ, AKs, KhQh, KcQc, KdQd, AKo
C/f: everything else

KQ c/c
AQ could be c/r/fold as bluff to 77 and my value hands
99 isn’t here and is a check/call????


  • Ben HaylesBen Hayles RCP Coach Posts: 16 ✭✭
    @zampana1970 nice job. You could get away with opening slightly wider due to the ICM pressure on all your opponents. They are generally going to be folding too often. After we bet half pot on the turn, just take through that range of hands (don't include your xc or xr range) through to the river. It is a bit quiet, but I'll keep checking in here and post some comments - keep up the good work!
  • zampana1970zampana1970 Red Chipper Posts: 549 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Ben -- good point re my opening range - still working out practically how ICM applies in these spots, which of course is the heart of this workbook!
  • Mark FlemingMark Fleming Red Chipper Posts: 76 ✭✭
    edited July 2018
    Preflop: I’m second largest stack and sitting in MP1, at a final table. I’m on TV! Nobody is comfortable on TV. I open weak (3BB) but since EP3 folded ahead, I am actually UTG. Opening from this position could mean my hand is made or has some potential. Since I just doubled up I need to guard against over confidence but since my table image has improved and everyone feels the pressure of cameras, I could play wider, more speculatively. I’m not in shove/fold territory yet. I put myself on a wide range. But rather than extending the Ax combos, I expand the gappers to include high ranking three gaps and I extend the KXs, 32% (418) AA-22,AKo-A8o,KQo-K9o,QJo-Q9o,JTo-J9o,T9o,AKs-A5s,KQs-K5s,QJs-Q8s,JTs-J8s,T9s-T7s,98s-96s,87s-85s,76s-74s,65s-63s,54s. The BU calls and its just the two of us.

    When the chip leader folded in front of me, everyone took up a wider range. This situation increases the ICM dynamics. This dynamic increases the chances of my bet being called or raised.

    Flop :7h:7c:4d
    I check, which is consistent with my entire previous range which includes AJ (+0.35) AA (+6.35) 99 (+1.53) and 8h9h (-0.73). Because I am first to act on a very wide range I let most all combos through the filters 99% (400) AA-22,AKo-A8o,KQo-K9o,QJo-Q9o,JTo-J9o,T9o,AKs-A5s,KQs-K7s,QJs-Q8s,JTs-J8s,T9s-T7s,98s-97s,87s-85s,76s-74s,65s-63s,54s,Kh6h,Kc6c,Kd6d,Kh5h,Kc5c,Kd5d,9h6h,9c6c,9d6d.

    I check and the BU checks behind.

    Turn :Kh
    Villain: To simply have called my small bet on preflop and then to have checked back pf, is genuinely odd for a Solid Lag. All I can do is give him a wide range due to player style and position and then remove a good portion of the premiums. The fact that the chip leader is not in the hand makes the BU seem even weaker, perhaps camera shy. If he is slow playing a monster (sets) so be it, but that is not his style. Lets hope he’s on a hopeless draw because the Kh really helps his range equity compared to mine 14/86 and a lot of that advantage comes from sets. He’s on 83% of previous (30) 77,44,A7o,87o,A7s,97s,87s,76s-75s,65s.

    My range continues to be pair heavy and unfortunately top pair is none to likely 70% (261) AA-22,AKo-A8o,KQo-K9o,AKs-A5s,KQs-K7s,T7s,97s,87s,76s-74s,65s-64s,54s,Kc6c,Kd6d,Kc5c,Kd5d,QhJh,QhTh,Qh9h,Qh8h,JhTh,Jh9h,Jh8h,Th9h,Th8h,9h8h,9h6h,8h6h,8h5h,6h3h.

    I bet 1/2 potand villain calls

    River :3s
    I would bet KQ because most of my combos now come from TP. I would check AQ and 99. An all-in is only profitable with KK, AA. I’m at 61% of previous (157) AA-22,AKo,KQo-K9o,AKs,A7s,KQs-K7s,T7s,97s,87s,76s-74s,65s-64s,54s,Kc6c,Kd6d,Kc5c,Kd5d,6h3h. I don’t think he is sitting on a set, he would have 3B the turn.
  • PeanutBoyPeanutBoy CanadaRed Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
    I feel that preflop range we can be pretty abusive, there is a short stack really putting pressure on the middle stacks not to play back vs us. I think we can get away with a wide pre-flop range of ( 478 combos, 36%).

    preflop range: AA-22,AKo-A8o,KQo-K9o,QJo-Q9o,JTo-J9o,T9o,98o,87o,76o,65o,54o,AKs-A2s,KQs-K7s,QJs-Q8s,JTs-J8s,T9s-T8s,98s-97s,87s-86s,76s-75s,65s-64s,54s,43s

    What is the weakest starting hand of each category that you would open-raise here?
    Pocket Pair 22
    Suited Connector 43s,54o
    Ace-X A8o,A2s

    Only the button calls preflop. There are 2 players to an 8.2BB flop

    flop: 7h7c4d

    Stack sizes, board texture, and ICM play a huge role in this spot. Which hands from your range are you going to CBet with? Would check-raising offer any advantages?

    Being the largest stack and having a very short stack on the table we can put a tremendous amount of pressure on middling stacks that do not want to play a big pot and put themselves in a all-in, fold situation. If we do elect to check-raise we are putting there stack at risk and will induce more folds. I would raise with a large range of hands considering that on this kind of dry board it is hard for my LAG opponent to have anything here and because of his stack size will have a higher fold frequency.

    AJ: Cbet, except AsJs
    AA: check
    99: Cbet
    9h8h: Cbet

    Cbet( 1/3 pot): KK-55,33-22,AJo-A8o,QJo-Q9o,JTo-J9o,T9o,98o,87o,76o,65o,54o,A7s,A4s,K7s,97s,87s,76s-75s,65s-64s,54s,43s,AhJh,AcJc,AdJd,AhTh,AcTc,AdTd,Ah9h,Ac9c,Ad9d,Ah8h,Ac8c,Ad8d,Ah6h,Ac6c,Ad6d,Ah5h,Ac5c,Ad5d,Ah3h,Ac3c,Ad3d,Ah2h,Ac2c,Ad2d,KhQh,KcQc,KdQd,KhJh,KcJc,KdJd,KhTh,KcTc,KdTd,Kh9h,Kc9c,Kd9d,Kh8h,Kc8c,Kd8d,QhJh,QcJc,QdJd,QhTh,QcTc,QdTd,Qh9h,Qc9c,Qd9d,Qh8h,Qc8c,Qd8d,JhTh,JcTc,JdTd,Jh9h,Jc9c,Jd9d,Jh8h,Jc8c,Jd8d,Th9h,Tc9c,Td9d,Th8h,Tc8c,Td8d,9h8h,9c8c,9d8d
    Check/Raise: AA,44,86s,9s8s,Ts9s-Ts8s,JsTs-Js8s,QsJs-Qs8s,KsQs-Ks8s
    Check/call: AKo,AQo,AKs,AQs,KQo,KJo,KTo,AsJs-As8s
    Check/fold:K9o, As6s,As5s,As3s,As2s

    We check:

    turn: 7h7c4dKh

    The turn favors our range, even if we are loose, there is a lot of his kings that we expect to be 3 bet against. I think we should be raising pretty wide, to put a lot of pressure on his middling stack. We don t want to overextend ourselves, because when he calls us on the flop we are pretty sure he is doing it with mostly value hands. So for our turn checking range I elected to check behind some top pairs with weak kickers and my AQ that aren't drawing to the flush, that still stand to be better hands but don't want the pot to grow.

    bet( 1/3 ): AA,44,AKo,KQo,AKs,86s,AhQh,AsJs,AsTs,As9s,As8s,As6s,As5s,As3s,As2s,KsQs,QsJs,QsTs,Qs9s,Qs8s,JsTs,Js9s,Js8s,Ts9s,Ts8s,9s8s


    Turn is a blank that should not have changed anything. The fact that our opponent called the turn and not shoving, is giving us a lot of information, he is either often nutted or trying to get to the river with a draw or pair. So I would bet my AK and check my KQ and AAs to protect my checking range. I would bet my Ak my set of 44s and some of my no made Aces to balance my range. All my other no made hands that I bluffed on the turn with I would check fold. I would bet large to but a lot of pressure on his stack and put him on an all-in or fold situation.

    bet( 3/4 pot ):44,AKo,AKs,AhQh,AsJs,AsTs,As9s,As8s,As6s,As5s,As2s
    check/call: AA,KQ
    check/fold: QsJs-Qs8s,JsTs-js8s,Ts9s-Ts8s,9s8s,8s6s

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