The 1/2 Template

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Im trying to develop a list of questions to ask myself on each street, a "template," to keep myself out of auto-pilot and to be sure I'm evaluating all information. So far this is what I have been using:

Will I have:
- Card Edge
- Initiative
- Position
- Skill Edge
How positionally aware of the other players? Will any of them adjust their range based on their position?
Who are the likely players in this hand?
What will the SPR be?
What will my likely position be post flop?
How does the table perceive my image?
Should I adjust my opening range due to any of this information?

Flop, Turn, and River
Using all information and previous action, what can I narrow opponents range down too? Who has range advantage?
Who is my opponent and what are his tendencies. Too tight? Too Passive? Gets sticky? Never bluffs? Etc.
Whats the EV of value betting, checking, and bluffing?
- Betting or Bluffing whats the optimal bet sizing for what I'm trying to accomplish?
- Whats the Break Even Percent if I go for a bluff?
How much equity do I need to call according to the pot odds?
- What pot odds am I giving my opponent if I bet?
Do I have implied odds?
Whats my opponent likely to do on the next street?
- What do I WANT him to do? How do I accomplish that?

I'm slowly training myself to go through that list as fast as possible while still being as accurate as possible with it. Anything I should add? Remove? Any comments?




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