Stack Depth vs Shoving

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I couldn't come up with a great title for this question.

First, the hand that led me to the question that I will pose at the end. 2/5 casino game. Hero has :Kc:Ks .

Villain 1 UTG+2 $550. Gambling type. Plays lots of hands.
Hero HJ $670. I think a TAG image but possibly a NIT. (still learning how to tell) In either case, tighter than most of the table.
Villain 2 CO $700. Fish


Villain 1: Limp/$80/Shove $550
Hero: $25/$225/Call
Villain 2: Call/Fold

Villain 1 turns over :Ah:Qs

Board: :J? :8? :9? :T? :T?

At the time, on the car ride home, and even when I awoke this morning I thought I play the hand correctly. Against this hand I am a 72% favorite. Against a range of :J? :J? + and :A? :Q? off+ I am 65%, and this guy's range may even be wider.

The hand got me thinking, did I risk too much? Now I don't think I did with 55 BB effective stacks. But I was wondering if there is a point where you don't stack off. Is there? Or am I thinking along the wrong lines and no such threshold exists and I should always be happy to get whatever money I have in front of me in with a 65%-72% advantage?


  • ihbeiserihbeiser Red Chipper Posts: 26
    Any time you can get it all in as a huge favorite it is never wrong. He got lucky this time but more than 2/3 of the time you win the huge pot. The bigger the stacks, the more you win.
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    That happens.. You have to loose 1/3 the times these hands or you are getting more than your share.

    Only tonight in a live MTT, I lost KK to 66 and AA to A3!!! LOL

    Take it with a laugh :)
  • SixthStreetSixthStreet Red Chipper Posts: 260 ✭✭
    I think if you are willing to 4bet 1/2 your stack can you really fold to 5bet shove? With JJ+, AKs. I would feel commited, but first what was his 3bet range before you 4 bet? It comes down to reads & frequency.
  • jeffncjeffnc Red Chipper Posts: 5,001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I don't think I understand the question. Why would you ever not want to get it in at 70%? I'm not following you. Is this a bankroll or stakes issue?

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