Calling a NIT for value - Where was my mistake?

Mac WMac W Red Chipper Posts: 2 ✭✭
My first live hand posted. Would love some insight on my mistakes. General background, a fairly loose $1 / $2 table where I am the main pre-flop aggressor with $300 stack and the NIT villain has $85. Thinking I may be confused on pot odds. Please advise!

Pre Flop
---7 limpers including me with A7spades from MP
--- Villain (NIT): Raises to $9 from SB
--- all the limpers call ($72 pot)

Flop ( A, K, 2 with one spade)
--- Vilian bets $20
--- folds to me, I call and everyone behind folds ($112 pot)

Turn (A, K, 2, 6 spade)
--- Villain all in for $55 (pot $167)
--- I call ($222 pot)
* In making my call I determined that any spade or 7 would give me the winner, or 12 outs. I needed to call $55 to win $222, or 24%. 12 outs x 2 for the river, 24%.... did I fuck this math up? As you'll see the 7 was not an out, but assuming it was please let me know if the way I am calculating pot odds is right.

River (A, K, 2, 6, 2)
--- Villain shows KK giving him the boat.

My reason for posting this hand outside of some confusion on pot odds is that this is the hand that sent me tilting. I often become Phishy after calling down for value and missing.

Thanks so much!


  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    One of the main things I've put more focus on recently was considering the SPR before you call preflop. Outside of flopping 2 pair or better A7s doesn't play too well with a 1 SPR.

    Ask yourself why you over limped preflop? You basically donate $2 every time you do this. Its like buying a scratcher. Some times you may win $50 or another free ticket but most likely you are just donating. Ask yourself what edge do you have by limping here?

    Now let's discuss postflop. You already said villain was a nit. Flop AK2 rainbow what is he betting $20 into $72 with into 7 players? AA, KK, AK, & AQ. Now ask yourself the same math question. Given that range do you have odds to continue because you need runner runner.

    Your focus should start with the beginning of the hand and work through it. The mistake is not on the turn, which could be a mistake as well....did you discount your odds by 2 because of the board pairing a spade? Break even turn call at best.
  • Zero CoolZero Cool Red Chipper Posts: 272 ✭✭✭
    On the turn you're calling $55 to win $167 so your getting 3:1 and need about 25% equity to call. So you got that part right everything else about this hand not so much.

    If your going to play A7s it has to be for a raise and not a $7 raise like the SB did (you see what happened when he did that) otherwise just fold. Limp calling with this hand is just going to put you into spots just like you found yourself in having top pair and knowing you need to pair you kicker to "maybe" be good. With this many people in the hand your putting $9 in the pot hoping you "hit" with a hand that usually "hits" top pairs with bad kickers or draws.

    You made a read on your opponent. Great. Did you use that info to help your decision? A nit raises 7 limpers and then c-bets into 7 callers. Is your A7 ever good here? Its not enough to make a read on a player you need to know what that means in terms of the range of hands he is playing.
  • Justin MJustin M Red Chipper Posts: 105 ✭✭
    Like Austin said, I'm not sure that I like the overlimp in this spot. I'd likely be coming in for a raise.

    Now your overall pot odds ARE correct. You're getting 5:1 on the flop, and 4:1 on the turn. But what range do you imagine that a short stack nit is doing this with?
    I think it may be optimistic to think your 7 may be good here.

    Be mindful of stack sizes!
    Generally when I see a shortstack putting in small bets, rather than just shipping; I think a lot of the time it's a ploy to get you a little more committed to pots.

    And when you say he's a "nit" what is your rationale for that? It may be that he's playing an actual shortstack strategy, and doing so correctly. Generally I tend to think that people that buy in very short are bad. But you need to pay attention to their tendencies, if they're limp/calling then yes they're probably bad. If they're doing a lot of folding, and then raise/shipping they probably have some clue as to how to play as a shortstack.

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