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My name is Danny, I'm a Prosecutor in Chicago and teach law classes at DePaul University. For the next 5 months I'm assigned to a unit where I work odd hours....allowing me to play a lot more volume because I'm often off during the day when my wife is at work. I did this a few years ago and played tons of $2-$5 at Horseshoe Hammond with break even results. I decided this time around to go down to $1-$2 and really focus on disciplined play. I felt at $2-$5 I was always better than 3 or 4 players at the table, but also less skilled than 3 or 4 as well. At $1-$2 I feel with the right work and discipline I can always be better than 7 or even 8 players. I'll end up playing around 3 to 4 days per week. I've been playing semi-seriously since about 2001 but work, family, etc can eat into that. Just before my work transfer I had some online tourney wins that gave me a workable bankroll for this 5 month session. I bought the $1-$2 crash course and saw immediate results, and now I'm reading The Course and watching the companion videos. My goal is to have a consistent ROI during the next 5 months when I have this opportunity to play live so much, and then my long term goal would be to use that bankroll to play online cash once I'm back working normal hours and won't be able to play live much at all. Looking forward to all the great content and hopefully continued success from what I've already seen with the $1-$2 crash course.


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