Raising possible steal raises when we are the SB

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When in the small blind and reraising possible steal raises, how would things change based on stack depth?

What adjustments should be made? Should we reraise less often and modify the hands we do this with as stacks get deeper?

Say 40 BB, 100 BB, 200 BB, 300 or higher BB.


  • Skors3Skors3 Red Chipper Posts: 669 ✭✭✭
    I think it's the opposite. I would be more willing to re-reiase lighter with deeper stacks. You have the freedom to get away from your hand if Villain re-pops you.
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    The stack plays a role in shaping my ranges and what im committing with if i ever have to commit, but majority of my reraising will based on his perceived range for me. Shorter stacks with wide ranges, i'm going to have more hands like 55+/KQs/ATs/AJo reraising (possibility shoving) and let variance ride out, or play a stop n go postflop game.

    Deeper stacks against wide ranges, i'm looking to be more polarized, willing to play more poker, etc.

    Tight ranges, i fold to unless i have a good hand that does well against their range, period.

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