3 betting to isolate a player with an overs button.

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Game is 2-10 spread limit. Villain 1 and Hero have overs button which means any street that starts and it is just us, limits increase to 25. Villain 1 has been limping, calling my raise, and then folding to a C bet. I've been waiting for him to open raise when I have a hand I could possibly 3 bet just to see if he would fold or fold to a C bet on the flop.

Villain 1 in EP: (competent for this game but prone to tilt) raises to $10.
Hero in MP: Raise to $20 with :Ad:4d
Villain 2 on button: (passive fish) calls.
Villain 1: calls

Flop comes :2c:3h:6s

Villain 1 bets $10.

Questions: Should I have tried to isolate villain 1 preflop with this hand? What is my play when villain donks the flop?



  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,867 -

    TLDW: This spread limit game is really a limit game not a no-limit game so we should choose our opening range different. I prefer flatting this hand as it plays better multi-way.
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  • Stu PidassoStu Pidasso Red Chipper Posts: 50
    Doug, thanks for you video reply to this hand. I agree that this game should primarily be treated like fixed limit in most instances. My question to you is this. Why would you sometimes 3 bet lite :Ad:4d in no limit. Why are these reasons applicable to no limit but not fixed limit?

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