Hand #5

zampana1970zampana1970 Red Chipper Posts: 549 ✭✭✭
This hand, we are second stack, so still very much in it. My sense is we want to preserve and try and stay out of the way of the shorter stack battling the big stack. We also want to avoid anyone that can bust us, so in my mind we are wanting to play tighter than we would at another 4 handed table.

My raising range: QQ+, AJs+, A5s-A4s, KQs, AQo+; Weights: AA:50%, KK:50%
My calling range: KK+, JJ-22, A7s-A6s, A3s-A2s, QJs, JTs, T9s, 98s, AJo, KQo; Weights: AA:50%, KK:50% - 9.2%/122 combos
If I raise and the small stack comes over top and EP folds, what am I calling with: QQ-AA, AQ+
If I call and small stack pushes and EP calls - I basically want to go all-in with ?? Is there anything I’ve called? JJ? Probably not. Which makes me think maybe I want to sometimes raise with AA/AK and sometimes I want to call to induce a bluff and hopefully call/push from big stack.

That seems about right.

So 88 is a call and a fold to a 3bet/push
QQ is a raise and a call to a push from SB but I THINK I’m folding it to a push from EP
KJs might be a raise/fold considering blockers?

Flop: Ks Th 8s

Our loose aggro big stack cbets. Again, considering ICM we want to be very careful. There’s no point at this point getting too out of line.

Half the time we end up with a set of KK, and then our 8 and T sets, some really nice FDs and SDs. Tons of hands here on a very wet board. We have a SPR of around 4.

We are raising sets of TT and 88 and calling KKs and then balancing those hands with the SDs and FDs. I think we fold everything else. I don’t see a lot of value in getting involved with KQo or 2nd pairs.

Raise half our drawing hands, call the other half, to balance our value.
Top pair is a call
99 is a call, with the spade (as a blocker, not as a draw)

Calling KK+, JJ-88, As7s-As6s, JsTs, Ts9s, AsJh, AsJc, AsJd, KQo; Weights: AA:50%, KK:50%, TT:50%, 88:50% - 3.2%/36 combos (raising 25 other combos and folding the rest)

Turn: Ks Th 8s 2h

We are raising a mix of sets and draws. Now if I raised my 88 and TT sets on the flop they’re not here, so I’ll add some back in previously.

Maybe I was too tight pre, but I feel like we really want to be strong at this point in the tourney, even if big stack is pretty loose. Especially on this draw heavy flop.

I don’t have any 2pairs (could have included some KT for sure earlier, so if we had it those might be worth a raise here)
QJhh again isn’t gonna be here IMO
KJ might be here and I think would be a call.

My raising range: KK, TT, 88, As7s-As6s, JsTs, Ts9s; Weights: KK:50%, TT:50%, 88:50% — .75%/8 combos — does this seem way too tight/light? Should I have more value here? If I had kept KT alive I could have that here to raise. I do think better to have shed some earlier with more aggressive raising, so not sure what else we’d end up here with...


  • Ben HaylesBen Hayles RCP Coach Posts: 16 ✭✭
    @zampana1970 - nice job again.

    My preflop strategy here would be to play a tight starting range and not to have much in my 3-betting range at all. It just makes sense to pot control from the start of the hand, given the ICM pressure and the likelihood of the cutoff or small blind getting overly aggressive.

    On the flop, I like the fact you are keeping some of your different hand strengths in both the calling and raising ranges. I would be raising with fewer hands overall (again due to ICM pressure and wanting to take a controlling line with most of my range).

    On the turn, I think you'd find it easier if you had some of your stronger hands left, but overall you do a good job.
  • zampana1970zampana1970 Red Chipper Posts: 549 ✭✭✭
    @Ben Hayles So if I raise with less strong hands with this kind of ICM pressure then on the turn I'll have a lot more strength. So the take-away I suppose when you're a medium stack like this is tight is right and a little less aggression and a little more calling down. A spot where playing a hair more passively is a good thing. I like the idea of incorporating different play styles into the different stages of a tournament - that sometimes we want to loosen up, sometimes we want to play more passively, etc.
  • bogata XLbogata XL Red Chipper Posts: 30 ✭✭
    If I put this hand in ICMizer, do I need to click on OVERCALL RANGES?
    And then Calculate?

    I am still learning how to use ICMizer.
  • bogata XLbogata XL Red Chipper Posts: 30 ✭✭
    I have put the 4 players in ICM and with 2nd stack vs the chipleader I call very tight, only QQ+
    ICMizer indicates push with JJ+, AK and AQs.
    So in my call range I don't have AQs and TT and JJ.

    Preflop callrange = 18 combo's pocketpairs. 1,36%

    I call with my whole range QQ+
    15 combo's. 100% of my prf-callrange

    2h kind of a blank
    I call with QQ = 6 combo's
    I raise with KK and AA = 9 combo's

    This is 60% of my flop-call-range.

    Is it better to raise all-in on the turn if your SPR is only 1.5?

  • Mark FlemingMark Fleming Red Chipper Posts: 76 ✭✭
    Hand 5
    Preflop: The big stack Solid LAg opens for 3 BB in the CO and I call on BU. The Solid LAg is doing well and is actively out for blood. I’m in 2nd place with a shot at 1st and a Super Aggro is yet to act, so calling a small bet is smart, but it likely caps my range. I would call with 88, shove with QQ and call with KJs. It is the ICM pressure that keeps me from shoving all three. The difference between 4th and 3rd is $21000. My M Ratio is 24 so there is no imperative to push. I’m on 13% (160) JJ-22,AQo-ATo,KQo,AQs-A6s,KQs-KJs,QJs,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s.

    Two folds and it’s just me and Solid Lag who is OOP. Villain is on 15% (202) AA-22,AKo-AJo,KQo-KJo,QJo,AKs-ATs,KQs-KJs,QJs,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s,65s.

    I’m behind in range equity 47/53.

    Flop :Ks:Th:8s
    The flop favors my range 52/48. I continue 23% (34) TT,88,KQo,KQs-KJs,QJs,AsQs,AsJs,AsTs,As9s,As7s,As6s,JsTs,Ts9s,7s6s. I would have raised with TP, called any drawing hands and called with 9s9d. The SPR is 5.5 which is the high end of medium commitment to the pot. I am not that committed, I could back out of the hand if Solid Lag shoves.

    Villain continues with 42% of previous (74) AA-KK,TT,88,AKo,KQo-KJo,QJo,AKs,KQs-KJs,QJs,AsQs,AsJs,AsTs,JsTs,Ts9s,7s6s,6s5s.
    Turn :2h

    Solid Lag bets 9BB and I raise to 24BB. I would have raised with Kings and sets but not FD. My M Ratio is 2 before my raise of 24BB so this should have been a shove or fold. My range equity is 51/49, again, I should have shoved. Using the ICM, there is not one combo in my range that wouldn’t have shoved. I continue with 100% of previous (34) TT,88,KQo,KQs-KJs,QJs,AsQs,AsJs,AsTs,As9s,As7s,As6s,JsTs,Ts9s,7s6s.

    Villain continues with 100% (74) AA-KK,TT,88,AKo,KQo-KJo,QJo,AKs,KQs-KJs,QJs,AsQs,AsJs,AsTs,JsTs,Ts9s,7s6s,6s5s.
  • PeanutBoyPeanutBoy CanadaRed Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
    4 players remain in the $109 online Main Event. The chip leader has played very well, has refused a deal, and is now very active.
    Villain opens from the CO to 3BB.
    We call

    Keeping in mind the stack sizes, the ICM pressure you are under, and the players still to act; consider which hands you would call vs. 3bet with.
    Which action would you choose with the following hands:

    88 call
    QQ raise
    KJs call

    With 2 shorter stack behind us, we really want to keep the pot small. Winning chips is not as important as keeping our position above the short stacks. With that in mind, I think I would be pretty tight even when the CO is being agressive. I would 3 bet almost purely for value and have a few bluffs in there to balance my range.

    call: JJ-22,AQo-ATo,KQo,AJs-A5s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs-J9s,T9s,98s,87s,76s
    Raise: AA-QQ,AKo,ATo,KJo,QJo,AKs-AQs,A4s,J9s,65s

    The blinds fold preflop. There are 2 players to a 7.9BB flop

    Flop: KsTh8s

    Villain bets 4.5BB

    Consider the Stack to Pot Ratio (SPR)*. Based upon the range of hands you called with preflop, would you raise, fold or call with:

    Strong Drawing Hands call
    Top Pair call
    9♠9♦ call

    I really don't want to get involved into a large pot battle with the chip leader. I don't think I would ever raise here considering I can't have the effective nuts on the flop since I would always 3 bet with my KK. So to protect my range I would call or fold. I would need to continue with 73.4% of my range here to not make villains raise here a profitable bet.


    There are 2 players to a 16.9BB turn

    turn: KsTh8s2h

    The CO bets 9BB and you raise to 24BB total

    The CO fires a second barrel and the pressure starts to intensify. When building your raising range, make sure to remove the hands you would otherwise call with. Are you more likely to raise or call with:

    Two Pair raise
    Q♥J♥ raise
    KJ call

    The villain could be extremely wide here and is only applying pressure and bluffing on flop and turn. The board is very draw heavy and we do want to start applying pressure with our two pairs and our sets that might get counterfeited on the river. So when building a raising range here I would make it a mix of our strong 2 pairs and sets and to balance it out we would have some of our strong draws in there. For our calling range I would call with a range consisting of draws and my top pairs.

    raise(15%): TT,88,KTs,QJs,AhJh,AsJs,AsTs,Jc9c,Jd9d
    call(56%): AQo-AJo,KQo,KQs-KJs,76s,AcJc,AdJd,Ah9h,As9s,Ah8h,Ah7h,As7s,Ah6h,As6s,Ah5h,As5s,QcJc,QdJd,QsTs,JsTs,Jc9c,Jd9d,Ts9s,9h8h,8h7h

    the CO folds to your raise

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