Information Overload... I'm Overwhelmed

Shawn JShawn J Red Chipper Posts: 62 ✭✭
I'm sure you all can relate. So much poker info and so little time. I'm trying to maximize my learning in the little available time I have. Over the last 2 months or so I've made many investments into my poker education.
1) Poker Plays You Can Use
2) Poker 1%
3) Hand Reading Workbook
4) Zach Elwood Lifetime member
5) Red Chip Pro Member
6) Poker Fighter trainer membership
7) Subscribed to countless poker email list
The list goes on

I'm listening to the Red Chip podcast everyday while driving. I've read Poker Plays You Can Use but haven't done the missions yet. Haven't started the workbook yet. Not watching enough videos.

I just need some guidance. I would like to know what's the one thing on my list that I can work on that will maximize my learning. I know only I know what works best for me but maybe there's something in my kit that'll be best. Thanks for your input.


  • zampana1970zampana1970 Red Chipper Posts: 546 ✭✭✭
    I was in your position six months ago. Best thing I did was get coaching. They will help you focus on what you really need to work on now for you stakes. Can't recommend that more.

    And then I'd say, just take one thing at a time and learn everything you can until it's second nature. Then move onto something new - a new part of your game, a new game, a new level, whatever. Poker is always changing which means you constantly have to be studying to current state of the game. You will never stop having to learn and study so take it slow and take a piece at a time and don't overload yourself so much in the front end that you end up burning out on it all.
  • Wiki_LeaksWiki_Leaks Red Chipper Posts: 563 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017
    Pick 1-2 from that list and study that medthodology in depth.
  • EazzyEazzy Red Chipper Posts: 946 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2017
    I would not study the 1%....Ed himself regularly says its defensive poker and not for low stakes poker at all. You want to take an exploitative approach. To me your goal should be to be able to beat games without looking at your cards rather then, not thinking of your opponents hands. That being said its an interesting read.

    Poker plays you can use, should be read after/ or with Ed Millers Playing The Player. without it you will not get the full benefit or improvement to your game. Probably put it aside till you understand more about how to exploit your oppontnent.

    Splits hand reading workbook...from what Ive seen of it looks good (I have only seen samples). I would have loved to have gotten it a few years ago, and its well supported at this sight, which is a great benifit.. My guess its a good one to start with. I struggled with combo counting and hand reading for a few years...and think this would have made my journey much easier.

    Zach Elwood I would probably put aside for a while. Reading physical tells at low stakes live poker, should only be used at close decisions. Bet tells betting patterns, hand reading , and understanding how to exploit players ect, are much more profitable areas to study. Even Zach tells you this. Though they do make live poker a lot more fun.

    Red chip pro membership...again videos in areas of exploiting players, understanding betting patterns ect are where I would go first. Videos on the 1% or balancing your ranges type thing, I would skip for now. Play videos and hand review type, try to what reads they are making and why, and what exploits they are suggesting after the read. I have an ever growing list of betting patterns and sizes, I note down whenever I watch a video. It one of the few sets of notes that I re-read regularly.

    Just some thoughts. Hope it helps.
  • SturmwespeSturmwespe Red Chipper Posts: 25 ✭✭
    I think a good place to start is to have a clear idea of what your goal is in poker. Do you want to play primarily cash and if so at what stakes would you like to ultimately be playing. Perhaps tournaments are your thing. What kinds of games are available to you where you live. If the only place that you can realistically play struggles to spread a good 1-3 game then becoming a 5-10 ace is highly unlikely. The higher you want to go the more you are going to need ( for most people) to specialize.
    Think of it like track and field, at first you can try everything, but pretty quickly you'll want to spend most of your time on the one that you like best (and also the one that you are best at).
    Having at least a rough idea where you want to go will make your poker education much more productive and probably more enjoyable as well.
  • SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 768 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017
    Don't forget to play as much poker as you can and just analyze what you think you did wrong , what you think you did right and why you did these things.

    Always take the time to analyze your opponents and what you think they did wrong and right. They will be repeating their mistakes, don't repeat yours
  • kageykagey Red Chipper, KINGOFTAGS Posts: 2,241 ✭✭✭✭✭
    well, to say you're not alone is an understatement.

    there was a post a while back titled: Kinda overwhelmed
    which asked many of the same questions you did.
    I'd recommend clicking on that link and reviewing what others have said.
    My recos would be the same as what I wrote there... so that's my 2¢.
  • keith ckeith c Red Chipper Posts: 142 ✭✭
    I think the key is as others said, focus on 1 maybe 2 items. Do not try to eat the whole elephant at once. Poker learning is a marathon, and there is no exact science to this game, we can put all the math we want on it and still end up on the losing end of a hand. Just because you flip a coin and each chance or a heads or tail, doesn't mean it will be heads every other flip. It just means over the long haul it will be. I suffered from this a while back and decided to take ONE item I think was leaking in my game and patch it. doing this lead to my hourly almost doubling right away, and once you have that down pat to -as jared says- unconscious competence, then move on. As you plug the leaks in your game, your bucket will fill. But remember focus on 1 maybe two items that are the leaks in your game, these need to be plugged. Let your bucket fill to the next leak and plug it.

    It seems like you're searching for the "perfect combo" of techniques that will make sure you win 80%+ of the time. it doesn't exist.

    And even when you plug these leaks, and at the table, don't try to process all the info through all the possible analysis combos. Apply what is applicable to your table, then when in a tough it through all the other filters.

    good luck.

  • RCP Coach - Fausto ValdezRCP Coach - Fausto Valdez RCP Coach Posts: 829 ✭✭✭✭
    I always tell people, be very self aware of the spots that make you upset, confused or frustrated at the table whether it be mentally or strategically and that will be your answer to what you need to focus/ study next on. Rinse and Repeat.
  • Shawn JShawn J Red Chipper Posts: 62 ✭✭
    Thank you all for your advice!
    Thank you @kagey for the link! That lead me down a rabbit hole of more wealth of information. I'll continue to take deep breaths and focus on one thing at a time.
  • Ray KRay K Red Chipper Posts: 117 ✭✭
    If your usinga HUD, minimize the stats to VPIP / PFR / 3-bet /C-bet / fold to C-bet then slowly add stats you think you need when your comfortable with the basic stats.
  • Alexis WAlexis W Red Chipper Posts: 28 ✭✭
    I don't know if you are a live or online player, or what level you are currently playing. Assuming that you are fairly early in your journey, and that you are a live player, I highly recommend something that was not on your list: @Ed Miller's The Course.

    It's comprehensive and sequential, taking you from beginner concepts to much higher. And when you combine it with the video series, it's really all you need to get be handily beat 1/2, and even be solid at higher levels.

    The first two chapters alone more than quadrupled my winrate.

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