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Okay I think I need to make an adjustment to my Mtt ITM% Goal. I play online at Global Poker(dont make and after a few months of success I have set a ITM% goal of 23%( I realize this is pretty high but hey it's a goal). Global recently may have changed their tournament payout structure from about 16% of the field to just above 23%. I'd rather it be lower but I have no control over that. This is good for maybe the field but obviously lowers the top three finish prize money. I realize that ROI is the most important % to be concerned with but I believe if I am a above average player and my ITM% is lower than the standard Mtt payout structure then I am leaking profits somewhere.
I guess I never really thought of it till now but if you are playing on a particular site and only playing tournaments and their tournament payout structure is say 15% you could use that number as a Baseline ITM% and adjust according to your skill.

So my question is that my current ITM ,% is 23.4% for the month, which mainly originated when the field payout structure was at 16% , so now that it is at 23% should I set my goals at maybe 27-30%?

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  • tripletiretripletire Red Chipper Posts: 322 ✭✭✭
    What does having an ITM goal accomplish for your game and your in game decisions?
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    Im not an mtt player so maybe i dont get where youre coming from, but i just cant wrap my head around why you would want to set this goal. To me this would be analagous to a pitcher setting a goal to throw fewer balls. Yeah theoretically its not bad for a putcher to throw fewer balls but its also not really the end goal. The pitchers goal is to get outs.

    Also, a month seems like a really small timeline to look at result metrics even for a full time mtt grinder.
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    @Wiki_Leaks Well said.

    I recommend not worrying about this as a goal as you can't do much to affect it that will also genuinely improve your game. You can tighten way up on more bubbles to improve your % but will hurt your actual income.
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    I don't think you should be thinking about how often you cash. You can have a side-note of it but it is a terrible indicator of how well you're doing.

    If you're cashing 30% of time it means you're taking no risks what-soever and you'll probably never end in the top percentage of the MTTs where the real money is.

    I'd rather cash 3% of times if it meant that I'd end up in the top 1% rather than cashing 30% of time and ending in the bare 18% of people cashing the MTTs.

    The only thing that matters is if you allow yourself to take the best shot of winning the tournament. Sure ICM matters and sometimes it's fine to reduce variance to make sure you lock in certain price-jumps but the real money is at the top.

    Aim for the top, not the bottom. It will result in fewer cashes, but higher cashes.

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