Pokerrrr 2 For Online and RCP Homegames

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I downloaded this app “Pokerrrr 2” tonight to host a poker game between friends when we didn’t have a table to play on. Turns out it’s actually very very cool.

So you sign on and for some reason it has a theme of you being some secret agent who plays poker. That’s literally all they explain. There is some single player component as well. It makes no sense. But once you sign in, it’s sort of an all encompassing app to host home games over the web. Here are a bunch of the features:
-You can create clubs of up to 2000 members which has 3 different levels of hierarchy: owner, manager, member.
-You can host member only cash games, SitNGos, and MTTs all of which play both NLH and PLO.
-In cash game settings you control table size (2, 6, 8, 9), blinds (only 2 sadly), buy-in range (anywhere between 20bb-400bb), duration of game, time to act, time bank, running it twice, and even rake!
-In sitngos and MTTs, you can create the blinds and payout structure.
-The game collects an in-game currency in return for hosting the game. Cash games are free for the first ten minutes then 4 coins/hr or 8/hr if you collect rake from the game. Tournaments will vary depending on the number of participants and blind structure. The host of the game is the only person who pays. The exchange is roughly $1=6 coins.
-The game also keeps results and ALL HAND HISTORIES from a game which you can share or replay through the app. The app keeps the last 20 games you’ve played for free or 50 games if you pay 18 coins.

Anyway, it’s very sick and has the potential to facilitate some really awesome events if we want to. The game does not handle cash or bankroll in any form, so all transactions would have to be made off of the app. The game host can choose to approve all buy-ins and such to make that all easier.

I’ve made a public club for RCP forum peeps just to compile members in it in case games want to happen. If you follow this invite link we will both get 10 free coins. CHECK IT OUT!
Club Code: 73aie


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