six max 25NL defending against light 4 bets J10s BVB

AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
villain plays 27/20
attempt to steal 34
3bet preflop 9

Have some history with villain getting it simi light this session 99 and AQs preflop vs what appeared to be light 3 bets at the time, but I ran into KK and AK, so he was at the top of his range. This does not change my read on villain as I still think he is pretty spewy as I've also got in JJ preflop where I raised utg, he 3bet, i 4bet and he min 5 bet, i shipped and he called off AJo. His 4 bet range seems to be Axs heavy and QQ+ based on history with him. I think the AJo was a special occasion.

Onto the hand. Please let me know how spewy this is or if its +EV just high variance?

25NL four handed
UTG folds
BTN folds
SB villain ($35.68) opens .75
BB hero ($36.47) :Js:Ts 3bets to $2.50
SB 4 bets to $6.25
Hero calls $3.75

This sizing is a tad larger than his usual 4 bets as he usually does $5.75, so I thought he was looking for more Fold equity here. I was slightly tilted this session battling this player.

Flop ($12.50) :5c:Jc:Ks
Villain ($29.53) bets $7.92
Hero ($30.47) calls

His larger sizing postflop is not unordinary can be any hand with a gut shot or better in terms of equity.

Turn ($28.34) :5c:Jc:Ks:Qs
SB checks
Hero all in $22.55

As usual will post results after feed back. Turn is one of the best cards I can ask for as I can now put a lot of pressure on hands like AK as I called a 4 bet, so JJ, QQ, AK all in my range, although I would ship those preflop at least half the time. I do have a lot of suited broadways in my range for calling preflop, so J10s is basically bottom of my range here was QTs has improved on the turn.

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