Hand #6 - by fatking

fatking lfatking l Red Chipper Posts: 32 ✭✭
I do not know if I really need to be concerned of a resteal from BB. 22% is high, but it will most likely be vs. SB and BTN, small sample size vs CO

Normally I would open 354 hands (26.7%). I could reduce it somewhat, levaing some of the weaker suited bluff hands out.

Open 23.7% (314)

Open A3s, fold the other two

Vs. 3bet

4+ bet stat is high, but given that BB is 3betting wide here, I can expand my 4 betting range

AJo I will put into my 4bet bluff range
Fold 66
Call TT

I will call with 86 hands (~ 20% of previous range)

BB cbets the flop 2/3

We have 124 hands left

We have no cbetting stat in villain, but he appears more sticky in 3bet pots when he is the caller. His SD stats indicates that he is value heavy at SD

Probably he is quite strong here as well. If not, he will probably give up on the turn or fold to a raise.

Therefore, we can put a lot of drawing hands into out calling range. We can bluff with those when he fails to barrel the turn.

We can also raise some draws here which have plenty of improvement potential

88 call
Qx raise without clubs
Clubs call

We raise TPTK for value and protection (12)
We raise QQ, we raise 88 without clubs (4 hands)
We bluff raise FD, nut bdfd (14 hands)
OESD (4 hands)
Total 29 hands (23% of previous)

Vs. All-in
BB is mainly shoving value hands here (given his high WSD)
I will call all my sets (4), nut FD (5), total of 9 hands, maybe add the OESD?

I have not thought about villains range here.

Qx - call w Ac
FD - call the nut FD, not sure about the rest
OESD - call, call the GS (one w bd, one w FD)

Am I to nitty?


  • Joshua ZiolkowskiJoshua Ziolkowski Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    This exercise leaves me perplexed. If I'm going to call a 3bet, my range is going to be tight:
    It would be weird to call looser right?

    But then when the flop comes out and we are re-raising...well the only thing left in my range would be QQ...(3 combos). So the rest of the exercise becomes redundant to me. I don't see how this could be played any other way.. but the exercise continues on other streets. I don't get it.

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