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Rich57Rich57 Red Chipper Posts: 112 ✭✭
125 buy-in tournament, 130 players. There were 20 of us left. Average chip stacks around 55-60 k.
Seven players at our table
Hero has 78 k in MP1
Villain in BB with 50 k
Blinds are 4k and 8k no antes
Hero opens :Jh:Th for 16k
Folds around to BB who calls
Flop is :Tc:5d:5c
BB bets 21k (half his stack)


  • Rich57Rich57 Red Chipper Posts: 112 ✭✭
    Forgot to mention they were paying top 18
  • tripletiretripletire Red Chipper Posts: 323 ✭✭✭
    This is a good shove in later positions, you'll be seeing more folds due to payout pressure. I wouldn't advise opening less than all-in from any position right now.
  • RoblivionRoblivion WisconsinRed Chipper Posts: 334 ✭✭✭
    When you have ~10 BB but it's still more than the average stack, you do not want to bubble with JTs. You need to be folding this hand I think.
  • SaintsTigersSaintsTigers Red Chipper Posts: 238 ✭✭
    Shove-pre. In this kind of turbo tournament, a min cash isn't worth that much compared to the likely final table deal.

    As played, get it all in. He's not doing that with a 5 since he wants you to cbet his air. If he does have a 10, you're beating some of them. And you're ahead of his flush draws.
  • Fernando TFernando T Red Chipper Posts: 90 ✭✭
    edited December 2017
    :Jh:Th with less then 10BB
    You have no implaid odds, and this is a shove ou fold situention.
    in MP1 easy fold, in CO or Button considerer shove .

    But let´s talk about your hand.... Villain make a dunk bet, in this case with two spads in the bord he has an 5 or even 10. Preflop your bet was small and he has a wide range with a lot of 5 suits and unsuits combos.... fold for the ITM
  • ChipFluxChipFlux Red Chipper Posts: 89 ✭✭
    Good spot for a donk bet... BB is very polarized. Is he jamming anything pre? AJs? Maybe. Certainly QQ+. Given we have a J, that somewhat blocks AJ, KJ, QJ for villain, and some portion of these combos villain jams pre. What 5 is he calling with and then donking? Although some player types will stab with a 5 in these spots hoping to get a call. FD will sometimes weak lead in this spot too. As played, I think I just go ahead and jam. And expect to see a 5 or a FD if called. Bet folding in villain's spot is also horrible, but villains will sometimes make stabs on these dryish boards hoping to take it down as villain can have a 5 but hero should never have a 5 in your hand . Your hand is a little too strong to fold, and you want to force villain to commit the stack with a FD.

    As mentioned above, think this hand is a fold pre, and min raise is sub optimal to an open jam.
  • GabeyJGabeyJ Red Chipper Posts: 436 ✭✭✭
    i dont get myself into this situation often but i think you have to just get it in at this point. Like the others have mentioned this open in EP will get you into trouble but i dont think you can fold now . he will have some 5s but i would say you have to much equity against his overall range and to much in the pot to fold with top pair .

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