Hand 19

Brendan RBrendan R Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
These ranges are getting wider and wider and I guess that's on purpose.

Hand 19 begins with a fold around to the SB who completes. Action is on us in the BB and we hold

:Ks :Th

SB is running 46/3 on 194 hands. Not a ton of hands but no way he's a reg with those stats. If it was a reg it would be a tricky range to construct but I think a loose passive is doing this with a very wide range. I constructed his range as

35.5% for 471

Workbook questions is asking if he is completing with a specific range and plan or if he's completing because it's not good enough to fold. I say the latter for sure.

That's wide as hell but in retrospect I think he'd do this even wider. Anyway we raise 3x and he calls. I'm not sure I love the 3x raise here. I think doing it for value with a good hand is a good idea but with KTo I think it's a little loose. If we're just interested in taking it down preflop then I think we need to raise much bigger. I have him getting rid of just a few of his absolute worst holdings and continuing with 92.3% of his previous range or 435 combos

Workbook questions: does he call with...
AT - yes
K8o - yes
33 - yes

The flop comes

:Kd :9s :6c

He checks and I put out a half pot bet which he calls. I like the sizing here. He folds 39% vs the flop C-bet so it's definitely a profitable bet and we're well ahead of his range. I thinks he calls here with any piece of the board, all his PP's and basically any draw unless it's BD. I have his range as

A9s, A6s, Kqs-K2s,QJs,Q9s,Q8s,JTs-J9s,T9s-65s,97s-75s,JJ-22,A9o,A6o,KQo-K8o,QTo,Q8o,JTo, J9o,T9o
47.5% of previous range. 207 combos

Workbook questions: would they call or CR with...
KJ - call
K9 - call
66 - call

I don't think the check raise is part of his repertoire.

Turn comes

:Kd :9s :6c :3S:

He checks I bet $4 into $6 and he calls again. Again I think he's doing this with pretty much any piece of the board. I have him maybe giving up on things like gutshots at this point.

JJ-88, 66, 33, A9s,A6s,KQs-K2s,Q9s,J9s,T9s-65s,97s-86s,A9o,A6o,KQo-K8o,Q9o,J9o,T9o
71% of his previous range for 147 combos

Workbook questions: would he take this line with...
9x - yes
6x - yes
87o - yes
A high - no

The river comes
:Kd :9s :6c :3S: :QC:

He checks, I bet $9.50 into $14 and he calls. He's only calling with his made hands obviously which surprisingly comes out to over 100 combos. Personally I probably would've checked back on the river with a 10 kicker

Workbook questions: does he call with...
K8 - yes
T9 - yes
QT - yes


  • fatking lfatking l Red Chipper Posts: 32 ✭✭
    This is my final calling range for V on the river, a total of 94 hands
    It is a little leass than your, because he has some check raises on the turn, actually a lot percentage -wise, but not on this board


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