Hand 31(Range v Range!)

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Well I finally made it to section 3 and it feels good man. I started off using Equilab because I figured it would be easier but I quickly realized why SplitSuit recommends you use HoldEq. Don't waste your time with Equilab.

This was some intense exploration and I'm sure I messed some things up on this first one but it felt pretty badass to be delving this deep into range analysis.

The hand starts off with everyone folding to us in the SB. We open to 3x and the BB who is running 38/16 on 332 hands calls us. We actually have a little bit of a sample size on V so that's good. He has loose passive stats. He also has a very low 3-bet % at only 1.5% so he's only 3-betting the tippy top of his range. I constructed the ranges as

22+,A2s+,K2s+,Q2s+,J6s+,T6s+,96s+,86s+,76s,65s,54s,43s,32s,A2o+,K2o+,Q7o+,J7o+,T8o+,97o+,87o+ for 55.05% form or 730 combos

TT-22,AJs-A2s,K2s+,Q2s+,J2s+,T2s+,92s+,84s+,74s+,64s+,53s+,43s,AJo-A2o,K2o+,Q2o+,J5o+,T6o+,96o+,86o+,76o,65o+ for 67.7% form or 898 combos (wow wide as hell)

My ranges equity: 53.47% Theirs: 46.5% (I wasn't sure when these calculations should take place...before the flop or after?)

No workbook questions in this section!

The flop comes

:Td :7c :4c

And we C-bet for 66% pot which seems standard. V has a super high FvCBet stat at 62% so c-betting is just printing money. Normally when I'm in the SB and against the BB I wouldn't C-bet as often as I probably normally would but against this villain I would probably C-bet just as often, if not moreso due to our FE. On this flop I'd probably be even C-betting some A highs and overcards.

I think since V is a loose-passive fishy player he continues with just about every made hand on the flop plus the FD's. I don't have him floating us with A high's or overcards.

I constructed the ranges as

AA-TT,77,44,AKo-A8o,A6o-A5o,A3o-A2o,KQo-KTo,QJo-QTo,JTo,T9o-T8o,98o,AKs-A8s,A6s-A5s,A3s-A2s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s-T6s,98s,86s,65s,Kc9c,Kc8c,Kc6c,Kc5c,Kc3c,Kc2c,Qc9c,Qc8c,Qc6c,Qc5c,Qc3c,Qc2c,Jc9c,Jc8c,Jc6c,9c6c,3c2c 52.1% of my previous range 343 combos

TT,77-22,ATo,A7o,A4o,KTo,K7o,K4o,QTo,Q7o,Q4o,JTo,J7o,T9o-T6o,98o-97o,87o-86o,76o,65o,ATs,A7s,A4s,KTs,K7s,K4s,QTs,Q7s,Q4s,JTs,J7s,J4s,T9s-T2s,98s-97s,94s,87s-86s,84s,76s-74s,65s-64s,54s,43s,AcJc,Ac9c,Ac8c,Ac6c,Ac5c,Ac3c,Ac2c,KcQc,KcJc,Kc9c,Kc8c,Kc6c,Kc5c,Kc3c,Kc2c,QcJc,Qc9c,Qc8c,Qc6c,Qc5c,Qc3c,Qc2c,Jc9c,Jc8c,Jc6c,Jc5c,Jc3c,Jc2c,9c6c,9c5c,9c3c,9c2c,8c5c,5c3c 45.3% of his previous range 362 combos

Mine ranges equity: 33% Theirs: 66%

The Turn comes :Td :7c :4c :Qs

And we fire a second barrel for 66% pot again. I think I would continue doing this with FD's OESD's and A high's to keep the pressure on. V has a FvTCBet of 50% but I doubt we have a big enough sample for that to be accurate. Still. I think we have FE against this player. I continue to barrel with A high's and draws.

The Q looks somewhat scary to fishier players but I think in general A's K's and the FD completing would have a much bigger effect on my FE here. I think V begins to let go of things like bottom pair and weaker draws like OESD's. I constructed the ranges as

AA-QQ,TT,77,44,AKo-AJo,A9o-A8o,A6o-A5o,A3o-A2o,KQo-KJo,QJo-QTo,98o,AKs-AJs,A9s-A8s,A6s-A5s,A3s-A2s,KQs-KJs,QJs-QTs,T7s,98s,86s,65s,AcTc,KcTc,Kc9c,Kc8c,Kc6c,Kc5c,Kc3c,Kc2c,Qc9c,Qc8c,Qc6c,Qc5c,Qc3c,Qc2c,JcTc,Jc9c,Jc8c,Jc6c,Tc9c,Tc8c,Tc6c,9c6c,3c2c 80.6% of my previous range 276 combs

TT,77,44,QTo,Q7o,Q4o,T7o,QTs,Q7s,Q4s,T7s,T5s-T4s,74s,KcQc,QcJc,Qc9c,Qc8c,Qc6c,Qc5c,Qc3c,Qc2c,8c6c 47.5% of his previous range 172 combos

My ranges equity: 8.7% Theirs: 91.2% (this is the ranges of what I would bet with vs what they would call with....really shows I'm trying to barrel them off the hand)

The river comes

:Td :7c :4c :Qs :5s

The river is pretty much a brick and we fire a third 66% pot barrel into Villain which he again calls. No really good river stats to talk about.

When you fire a third barrel - especially at the micros - it's usually into a player that has a hand. As such, and epsecially against a fishier player, it's probably better to fire a triple barrel bluff on more of a scare card. I constructed my range to include missed draws here but I realize now that this isn't a great spot for it. I think we still have a little FE but not much at all. Again, something like the flush getting in or an A or K rolling off would be a much better card to bluff on. Oh well

I had him calling down with middle pair or better.

AA-QQ,TT,77,44,AQo,KQo-KJo,QJo-QTo,98o,AQs,KQs-KJs,QJs-QTs,T7s,98s,86s,Kc9c,Kc8c,Kc6c,Kc3c,Kc2c,Qc9c,Qc8c,Qc6c,Qc5c,Qc3c,Qc2c,Jc9c,Jc8c,Jc6c,9c6c,3c2c 47.9% of previous range 132 combos

TT,77,44,ATo,KTo,QTo,Q7o,Q4o,JTo,T9o-T6o,ATs,KTs,QTs,Q7s,Q4s,JTs,T9s-T2s,74s,KcQc,QcJc,Qc9c,Qc8c,Qc6c,Qc5c,Qc3c,Qc2c,8c6c 83.2% of previous range 143 combos

I think it would've been better to start off with narrower ranges for the first hand. Something like a 3-bet and call. Blind v blind was pretty wide and rough. V's range was capped but only a little bit as he only 3-bets his absolute best hands.

But anyway, looking forward to hand #32!

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