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Brian GBrian G Red Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
I've been thinking about poker goals for 2018. I know financial goals are not always the best. Here are a few I've though about and the reasons behind them:

1. Improve Live Reads - I play mostly live cash and have Mike Caro's book. It's amazing how many tells recreational players have. I know this can be exploited and I want to devote 100% attention to this while at the table.
2. Manipulate Opponents More - Sometimes I can be very quiet at the table. I have noticed that some very good players use talking to their advantage by needling other players are asking questions to gain info. They can play a 'friendly' or 'mean' game and use it to their advantage. I definitely have some room for improvement in this area.
3. Tip Less ($10 Max) - This one is easy to understand.
4. Increase Agression - I don't mean blind aggression. Basically, I've noticed that there are certain spots when your hand and/or your opponent dictate that betting/raising is superior to checking/folding. I want to think about this and not miss oppotunities to be aggressive when it calls for it.

Do you guys have any good goals you'd like to share?


  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,862 -
    The fourth is the only goal that matters here. Physical tells are sexy for movies and telling stories, but are such a small aspect of poker.

    Bet sizing tells and patterns are far more dominant.

    Good dealers are a blessing, pay them. Nothing extravagant, but do your part.
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  • Albert AAlbert A Red Chipper Posts: 96 ✭✭
    2018 Poker goals:
    1. Play 3 times per month instead of only 2.
    2. 3-bet lighter/squeeze more often from CO/BTN
    3. Raise/3-bet more with AK from the blinds. Right now I tend to just call and see a flop.
    Also, @Brian G , bet sizing tells are HUGE. Especially when analyzed with flop texture. Example: If someone over bets the pot on a very wet flop ask why. My first answer is they flopped top pair+ and are afraid of the draws.
    But live reads are fun and interesting. Don't look at the board cards when they come out, look at the villain. Also look at the villain when you call them and especially when you raise them. Sometimes you get something. I look at the corner of the lips for disappointment.
    That reminds me. Now I have a question. Some people say a person's hands give away more info than the face/eyes. What are we looking for with hand movements? There was a guy who owned me when we were down to 3 in a tourney. He called when I bluffed and folded when I had it. No surprise I came in 3rd. After I asked him how. Surprisingly he told me. He said I was very active cutting/riffling my chips when I bluffed and just slid the chips in when I had it. Classic "act strong when weak and weak when strong!"
    Good luck. Have fun.
  • volcanovolcano Red Chipper Posts: 346 ✭✭
    play 2/5 or above and succeed. There are some really juicy games in my area that ive been missing out on because my 1/2 win rate was ok.
  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @doug i disagree with live reads being a very small part of of the game. At 2\5 and below i feel live reads are a big part of my game. Not the biggest part, but definitely helps my win rate.

    I don't have goals for 2018 per say, I hope to turn pro, but still trying to plug some small leaks.

    I have been working on small bet sizing on the river, when i think player only has top pair and i have something better. Ill bet just a fraction of the pot to gain extra value. If i think he will fold to another half pot bet because he has no kicker. I guess betting the river would be a big goal. 3 bet sizing seems to be a reocccuring leak of mine. I need to play more exploitable poker and less balance to crush the fun players.
  • Brad CBrad C Red Chipper Posts: 181 ✭✭
    My goal is to make 4 areas where I currently don't have any understanding of how to think about them into concepts that are "second nature".

    1. Bet Sizing

    2. 3betting (i.e when I should be 3betting, how to think through a 3bet calling range and playing pots that are 3bet pots)

    3. Flatting pre-flop (Understanding when to do it and how to play pots where I flat pre)

    4. Barreling (understanding when to barrel, how to construct barreling ranges for various common board types, when not to barrel)

    These are 4 great areas to really internalize over the next year and will have a big impact on my understanding of the game.

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