How to study ranges

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On Flopzilla??? Any advice is welcomed.


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    @SplitSuit book "Poker Workbook - Hand Reading". Flopzilla is used/referenced in the book.
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    I'll recommend something as a supplement to Flopzilla, etc.

    Take a deck of cards. Picture yourself in any position (say BUT to start to make it easier). Couple of limpers, you raise, two callers.

    Then deal out three cards. How does that hit your range? Then, play around. Deal out three DIFFERENT. As an alternative, take out the cards in the deck that make up your range and deal out different hole cards to yourself. Consider V's ranges.

    Then switch seats. Then consider different actions (i.e., 3bets, etc.).

    Honestly, I'd take a deck with me in a single position in a single scenario and just keep dealing for about 10 minutes (it's insane how many hands flops you'll see this way). Just by osmosis alone, you'll start to build your "intuition" for how often your range hits a flop and V's range. At that point, you do some pointed thinking about why your range hits however often it seems to.

    Then, you can go to Flopzilla, etc., and plug things in. If they are aligned, then you have figured out the why and used Flopzilla, etc. to corroborate it -- and it will stick with you much more meaningfully.

    If Flopzilla, etc., is way off, then that gives you something to consider, too. Randomness in your dealing? Misunderstanding the texture? Failed data entry :)?
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    Yeah, I like the idea of dealing a physical deck sometimes. Sometimes I'll just deal a whole table of Holdem or Omaha hands and see what they look like. Makes you wonder how there could ever be a 3- or 4-way pot.
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    I worked out a system of grouping ranges into parts and understanding how those parts hit different flops.

    I explained it here

    and here.

    It made a huge difference for me being able to get a feel for it..
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    WardoYT wrote: »
    On Flopzilla??? Any advice is welcomed.


    @SplitSuit has videos on youtube, some are old but should still guide you, here is one of them

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