Is this a spot to shove?

Clint NClint N Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
We are nearing the bubble of a $10 tournament. Blinds are 900/1800 with 225 Ante.
Hero is in the SB with Ac6c and is also the smallest stack at the table with 19182. UTG (55000 stack) bets 6000; table folds to SB. Should hero shove here? Is there a better spot?


  • Danny MDanny M Red Chipper Posts: 353 ✭✭✭
    Not against a UTG open. You want to be shipping against LP opens like CO and button steals or open shoving against the BB when in the SB provided they are all folding too much. There is less of a chance that these players will have a good hand that can call you. A lot of the value of shoving marginal holdings is fold equity as you're not really that happy when someone calls your AI with the A6 or 78s. Against EP raises you're likely drawing to 3 cards
  • ChipFluxChipFlux Red Chipper Posts: 89 ✭✭
    Clear fold as explained above. Also, the UTG player “should” know you have a perfect sized 3b reshove stack. Did s/he go out of their way with large open raise size (3.3x) to offer you the “perfect reshove spot”? Or are they just playing JJ in a scared manner? Either way, A6s is a fold unless a) you are confident it’s ~scared jacks~ and b) you really really think they would fold. Better play is to fold and look for a better spot to jam or play pots in position from the B, CO, and HJ.
  • Clint NClint N Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
    Thanks all. I folded but wanted to check the general consensus. Happy 2018 to everyone here.

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