Dealing with super aggro players on your left

Danny MDanny M Red Chipper Posts: 353 ✭✭✭
Anonymous Bovada tables almost always have a player like this: pretend Villain 3bets over 25% of hands (basically any pot he enters) and you are always oop except when button and/or cutoff. He will 5b all in or call 4bets when played back at. Do you personally prefer to open your 3b calling range and play the post flop game (let's assume villain isn't the type to just fire 1 bullet and give up and talk about the times we don't have QQ+ AK), open the 4b stack off range, or tighten your opening range to only hands you can 4b and comfortably call a 5b? Why?

Also, there is the villain that donk bets over 90% (or basically ervery hand) out of the blinds and raises almost all cbets with both air or any part of the board. He will call reraises and reraise light when played back at. Do you change your calling and reraising range or play more tight passive (let's forget about the small percentage of the time we have a nutted hand where it's a no-brainer to let v hang himself)? Why?


  • GTOLife2020GTOLife2020 Hudson Valley, NYRed Chipper Posts: 875 ✭✭✭
    Ignition can be extremely profitable, and it has by far the best bonus and reward structure for micros cash players, but you definitely have to play the game differently because it's anonymous poker. Personally, I'm finding that when I spend time on Ignition and then go back to reg sites, I have made noticeable improvements in every aspect of the game.

    I'll let more experienced players answer your original question but don't give up on Ignition even when it gets tough. It's very profitable but can also be very swingy at times.

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