Some thoughts on note taking and recording hands at the table.

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Well first of all I like gizmos. I often try to use something a bit different, to improve my life. This often leads to me having "great Ideas" costing a little money (little being the operative word), a lot of fun trying to implement, and going back to the old tried and true. But sometimes it works out.

So on to recording hands. Lots of apps to try. Different Key boards, styluses and other things to try for note taking.

I understand Apple IOS system has a good poker key board, but I'm android. At the table I have a cheap Samsung phone (for tracfone), and a nexus 7 2013 tablet. But I discovered a couple of pretty neat tricks. I'm sure many of you know some of these, but if not.

First I started using one note. It organizes note books easily, Quick to navigate between player notes, and hand records and find a player, or hand quickly to edit. It also syncs notes between my phone, Nexus 7, and my two computers (portable crappy hp stream in my in my hotel room, and desktop at home), so I don't have to copy over just edit when I'm done playing.

On my phone or nexus 7 at the table, I use the gboard key board (google key board), it has some great features for recording poker hands. (I tried a bunch of different ones)

I can put number key line on top of the querty keyboard

By locating and typing the :spade:diamond:club:heart emoji once they come up on the top line of the symbols page,

but that's still too difficult to use. By going to my personal dictionary, I gave a shortcut for every card in the deck. as me :As 8d gives me :8d.

Added some other shortcuts....b gives BTN and U gives Utg. and c gives me a check mark

Will be adding some other shortcuts for player types...and player notes

and finally my sick little mind has been playing around with another ideas. One note allows you to insert pictures easily into a page. In theory, I could have it set to go with a quite camera app (no noise no flahs ). and in hands as they end snap a quick picture of the board with my phone.

after some consideration, while in a hand this probably would be a bit difficult....
So I thought maybe a little spy camera. Perhaps something that could be used as a card protector. As I'm playing a hand pick it up and snap the flop turn and river as the dealer deals it out.

Off to amazon to see what they might have at a reasonable price. Well as it turns out cheap good digital cameras has made the spy camera industry boom....

Some of my favorite thoughts...


Not quite sure of the legal and moral implications...but the idea of wearing a hat the records every hand you play in a session, might be a great way to review live play.

Not sure I will ever buy or implement any of these things but its fun to think about.



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