Is this the right workbook for me?

NoizeyCrcktNoizeyCrckt Red Chipper Posts: 15 ✭✭
Hello all! I play up to 5/10NL live and up to 1/2 Zone on Ignition. I play some regular 6 max but more Zone for sure. I see the 6 max Online workbook includes using a HUD which is not available for Zone on Ignition. I am a feel player and I am trying to learn to think in term of ranges, hence why I would like to make these adjustments online at lower stakes. However with the lack of HUD while playing Zone I'm wondering if the 6 max workbook will be useful. Which workbook should I purchase?

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  • Joshua ZiolkowskiJoshua Ziolkowski Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    I also have a question about the workbook. In the thought provoking questions where it may ask, for example: "Are you more likely to open-raise or fold with:
    98s.... "

    For the "AT" example, is this suited, off suited, or asking us both?

    Second question:

    In the section where we range ourselves, there is an example where we are calling all streets. Since some of these streets there are hands where I would infact raise (sets, 2p etc..), do I still remove these hands from on each street in flopzilla since the example "??" is commanding a call action? Because I find that once certain cards have been removed, and I reach the river, they are no longer available in my range to raise with on later streets. or is this the point and I'm missing something crucial? Similarly.... how do we handle check-raise on earlier streets in flopzilla? Keep them in the range when we check?

    I appreciate all help!
  • Joshua ZiolkowskiJoshua Ziolkowski Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Also what about pre-flop 3bets? If someone calls and we are ranging them.. why would we remove cards like AA and KK when the player might be a calling station. I see in examples we are supposed to remove these. Confuses me!

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