HAND # 2 Live Poker Workbook

Lynne DLynne D Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
150 combos - 11.3%
I can widen my open range and will have a large enough range to 3-bet if needed.

FLOP Jh 8s 4c
Continue with my full range of 150 combos - 100%
I don't expect a check/raise from BB as he knows that would make me fold most of my range that is loosing to his OverPr, TP and sets.
So I can C-bet with all of my range.

TURN Jh 8s 4c Jc
Again, continue with my full range of 150 combos - 100%
I'd bet AA & my FD if I had OC's or SD also.
I'd check TT-66 for cheap showdown.

RIVER Jh 8s 4c Jc 3s
River didn't change either of our hands & if he called the turn he'll call the river so no bluffing with my missed hands.
I think $140 is my max and betting all TP and better, checking all others for showdown.

At first glance it appears I'm continuing with too many hands but I think against a player who plays too many hands I may have played this hand correctly.


  • Martin DMartin D Red Chipper Posts: 79 ✭✭
    Since your hand is the most recent hand 2 I'm going to jump on here to avoid clogging up the forum if you don't mind. It also gives me a chance to chat to someone who has a very different approach.

    I thought about mr super spewy, and I believe he is calling down very wide. As a result, I think I want to be going to valuetown with a very wide range of hands, and betting my draws a lot because I'm likely to get paid when I hit. I nearly made my flop value betting range "Ace high or better" which would have resulted in me betting about 95% of hands. I wimped out, still not sure if the right decision.

    However, my decisions look like this:

    Preflop Opening Range:
    ATo+, KQo, All PPs, K9s+, QTs+, J9s+, T8s+, 97s+, 87/76/65s.
    17.9% range, 238 combos.
    I could almost open wider -super nit means I'm effectively in the CO, but boring TAG is likely to react to my actual position and fold a lot. However, like hand 1 I expect to see a flop so am focusing my range on hands that can make me money without fold equity. If I get 3bet by BB I can defend most of this range in position against someone I've tagged as super spewy - dropping a few of the potentially dominated hands but keeping hands that can flop massive because I expect to get paid.

    FLOP Jh 8s 4c

    I'm betting all my value hands 8x or better. I expect to be called by worse. I'm betting all my OESDs, gutshots and 2x overcards as bluffs because I expect to get paid when I hit. This is 66% of my previous range and 143 combos.

    To answer the workbook question, I am betting JT, 99/TT, AQ for reasons described above.

    TURN Jh 8s 4c Jc

    I'm betting all my value hands 8x or better. I still expect to be called by worse. I'm only betting my higher equity draws now however (OESD/FDs) because while I still expect to get paid if I hit I don't want to bet the gutshots any more. This is 57.1% of my previous range and 76 combos.

    RIVER Jh 8s 4c Jc 3s

    I'm going to show some restraint here and stop betting 8x. I'm still betting 99 or better, and frankly I expect to see him call and showdown with ace or king high at some frequency. I don't really have any zero SDV bluffs here because I am value betting so wide, maybe that's a mistake. Anyway I am betting 70% of my previous range with 53 combos.

    I would probably just jam trips with good kicker or better. I expect a spewy guy to have let me know if he had the nuts earlier than this, and I'm looking for a call from trips with bad kicker, and some "I don't believe you" shit like pairs. If he somehow restrained himself with a boat then gg.

    My overpairs I bet the $140 sizing. Again, I expect him to call wide.

    As mentioned I dont have bluffs here per se, but my weak value I probably size at something like $110. Fish isn't going to notice anyway.

    All in all we have very different approaches here. I'm interested in what you and other people think.

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