Worst flop ever in 4b pot KK am I a nit?

Danny MDanny M Red Chipper Posts: 353 ✭✭✭
edited January 2018 in Online Poker Hands
1/2 Bovada Zone
Hero ($600) HJ with :Kd:Ks raises $6.
CO ($700) raises $23. Hero raises $65. CO calls.
($133) Flop: :Qc:Jh:Tc
Hero checks. Villain bets $90--huge bet--would peel 1/3 pot. Hero folds!
My thought process is I'm drawing too thin vs AK and possibly playing for 300bb as only a non- club A or 9 without the board pairing, running K's allows me to ship that much comfortably... the only hand I'm beating really is AQ or a random 56o (yes this hand has shown up in a 4b pot on Bovada) but most likely I'm up against TT-QQ or AA so even catching a K can't be that good. Good fold or am I a nit?

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