Raise flop and barrel turn after villain 3 bet pre

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Part of this hand stems from me wanting to start oncorporating more aggressiveness into my game. I kinda feel like a pussy sometimes and so I'm trying to mix it up a little. Not sure this was the right spot to do it.

1/3 with $300 BI at Cesars in Las Vegas. Late night around 1am. We were all fairly deepstacked at this point and villain had been playing a little over aggressive.

Hero: 800
Villain 1: 1200
Villain 2: 900

Effective stacks: 800

Hero: 56s (spades)

Hero: Button
Villain 1: BB
Villain 2: MP

Villain 2 raises to 15
Hero calls
Villain 1 3bets to 35
Villain 2 calls
Hero calls

Flop comes ($105): 357 with one spade.

Villain 1 bets 45. Villain 2 folds. Hero raises to 150. Villain 1 calls.

My thinking here is mainly that villain really shouldn't be betting into this board against 2 opponents here. His range seems pretty capped given the preflop 3bet and I don't think he's getting here with pocket 3/5/7 and I can have all of those set combos. I also have a lot more draw equity than villain in this board.

Turn (405): 2 spades

Villain checks. Hero bets 300. Villain shoves making it right around a $300 call for hero into a pot of about 1.3k.

Hero calls.

I basically just improved my equity fairly dramatically and just don't see what nutted hands villain is doing this with here. The two hits my range pretty hard again and improves my equity with a flush draw in addition to the gutter and pair I already have. Personally, I felt like this is one of the better turns for me to double barrel on given that i picked up a lot of equity and the turn card favors my range in general. I also will have a lot of nutted hands here like sets and straights that I can bet for value.

Once villain shoves I think I'm getting great odds to call. 300 into about 1.3k. I'm about 25% to hit my flush or gutter and i think I'm good a lot of the time when I hit another 5 as well. So getting better than 4:1 on my call seems more than reasonable.

I think the question is whether my logic makes sense for how I got myself into this spot in the first place.


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