Question on PT4 stats and adjusting decisions and frequencies

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I have been trying to look over my PT4 database (Only 56k hands as I played a majority of my poker on sites that do not allow tracking) to find spots that I can improve my play. My main issue is that I find myself being somewhat of a fish/calling station when I am 3bet and I hold top pair and overpair hands as well as river decisions when I call bets and 3bets.

My thinking may be totally flawed on this but that is why I have come to the forum.

So my main question is: In spots that I show a negative BB/100 such as calling river 3bets and shoves (again to my embarrassment I have found myself to be a calling station) would it make sense to start folding literally any bluff catchers or non premium hands in the face of any river aggression? I understand this may not be making sense so will try to add some stats and some examples.

Over nearly 60k hands my BB/100 in these specific situations are -
Called any river bet- -514BB/100 over 339 hands
Called river All-in - -832BB/100
Called 3Bet Preflop - -225.76/100 over 764 hands

My "Call R Bet" stat is 33% varying slightly based on position. Is this stat high?

Ok so now lets get down to my thought process here (I may be confused or thinking about EV and BB/100 is a strange way). If folding is a 0 EV play would that also make folding a 0BB/100 play? Or is the BB/100 I am seeing through these filters based on entire hands which would mean if I were to begin folding wider on the river I would just be adding to my -BB/100 stats by folding my equity?

So I am wondering if me personally folding MUCH wider on the river would be nearly autoprofit? I am brand new to data base analysis so if any of this doesnt make sense I appollogize


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    Interesting questions.

    Concerning folding being O EV and what that means for bb/100: If you just fold, the hand will produce a negative bb/100 added to to your database (because you've already put chips in the pot), BUT if you call in a -EV spot, the negative increment will be bigger. The point is to always take the highest EV decision at any decision point. Many such decisions (like folding from the blinds pre) will technically bring down (make more negative) your bb/100, but if it's the best EV decision, it will bring it down less than another decision.

    As to your specific question about calling rivers, I'm pretty sure every database analysis shows people below high-stakes underbluff, so folding all bluff-catchers is a perfectly reasonable exploit. Coach w34z3l does an excellent job in our PRO videos of using this type of analysis over all streets.

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  • AJHPokerAJHPoker Red Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
    I could not have asked for a more clear answer. Thank you!

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