Feeling lost: $0.25 NL 6-max on Ignition

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Here's a hand where I was really out at sea the whole time, and I'd love to know what ranges people put villain(s) on at each street and what line people would take. (And this is my first time posting a hand, so apologies in advance if I mess this up.)

It folds to the CO (78 BB, 25% VPIP / 8% PFR after only 12 hands), who open limps. BTN (111 BB, 49/11, 46 hands) limps behind. SB folds and Hero in the BB (212 BB, 31/24) raises to $1.25 (5BB) with :Qh:Qs. (My frequencies at this table make me look like a LAG, with an 18% 3-bet frequency and 100% flop c-bet and turn c-bet). CO calls, and BTN min-reraises to $2.25 (this is their first 3-bet in the session). Hero and CO call. There's $6.85 (27.4 BB) in the pot.

I already have no idea what range to put BTN on.

Flop comes :As:8s:4d. Hero and CO check, and BTN bets $4.71. Hero calls, and CO folds. There is $16.27 (65 BB) in the pot.

Turn is :4c. Hero and Villain both check.

Now I really don't know what hand Villain could have: when are they betting the flop and then checking a blank card on the turn?

River is :TS:, completing the flush draw that I would be very surprised to see villain show up with (I block the queen, and the ace and ten are on the board). I put in $4.50 (a bit more than 1/4 pot) as a blocker bet. Villain calls.
Villain takes down the pot with Ah Qd.


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    Issue is that you've no idea about your preflop range. What hand do you open, what do you expect from them.
    Same about Villains' ranges. Don't be too focus on the HUD: you've too few hands to really matter - even if you can get some glimpse of tendencies. Yet Villain limp and then raise: what hand would he do that with? Strong PP? AX? Wacky hands?

    You need to spend some time off-table to figure your preflop ranges out and how to react to any action/reaction previous and after your bet.

    On the river, what does your "blocking bet" realize? What do you aim by underbetting ?
    Do you want V to call? If so, how many hands does he limp/min-raise pre, bet flop, check turn and call river with WHICH are still worst than QQ ?
    Do you want V to fold? If so, do you expect V to fold any better hand (KK, AX) to a 1/4 pot size bet?

    You need to figure out WHY you're betting.
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    Red wrote: »
    On the river, what does your "blocking bet" realize? What do you aim by underbetting ?

    In retrospect, this is probably what I like least about my line. At the time, I was thinking the blocking bet was a relatively cheap way to avoid a difficult decision if he bets big on the river. But at these stakes and with the little I know about this player so far, I'm guessing he's not bluffing the river very often. So the blocking bet isn't achieving anything, and I should just check-fold the river.

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    I agree that the stats on 46 hands can be misleading but I do think v actions put him on a range of hands. He polarized himself. So I would think he would have some premiums and some less great hands. It does look like based on your table image that you might be raising wide. So this might be a reaction to that.

    I think that 4 betting might be worth considering. V does seem loose but if he calls with less then premium holdings then you've put him in a - EV situation. If he has a premium you'll hear about it and can get away from the hand. And if he does shove with anything other then AA or KK you're doing pretty good.

    As played other then the river bet, I don't think it's really bad but you do have to realize that QQ is pretty much a bluff catcher by the river.
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    QQ is a bluff catcher. You bet a bluff catcher on the river in order to avoid a difficult decision. If you were to check here and he bombs the pot, do you have a difficult decision?

    Also, when button min raises pre, you can put in a substantial 4 bet with the plan on folding to a shove. Too often, min raises pre do not always mean aces.
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    I agree with the 4 bet pre, especially a larger one.
  • HotsteppaHotsteppa Red Chipper Posts: 20 ✭✭
    I agree about the min raise Pre not always being AA. Though its still gonna be a super strong range. The move I call "The Fishmaster" the limp re raise Jam is AA 102 times out of 100. Maybe 1 time KK. This and the "Ultimate Fish", which is the 100bb open Jam, is something to watch out for. Anytime someone does one of these plays and shows up with something weaker like AJo, or pocket 10s, take note, because its rare at the lower levels.

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