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PaulPaul Red Chipper Posts: 8 ✭✭
Hi, how's it going Red Chippers. I just wanted to briefly introduce myself.

Some brief background for those that are interested. I am from the UK and have been playing poker on and off as basically a hobby for around 13-14 years, with my main income generated independently from poker. During that time I have made the journey from recreational/degen player in my younger years to winning live player to eventually now becoming a winning online player, which has always been the holy grail in many ways. The online games I play are very soft all the way up NL300 and are comparable in softness to a typical live game, there are tough regulars, but also lots of fish. I know that is a rarity these days, but is a poker site only available to players from the UK and Ireland and it has pretty low traffic. I am now finally at the point where I want to make poker my career and this Covid-19 lockdown period has finally convinced me that this is the right route to take for me. I felt that there were still a significant number of fundamental leaks in my game so I thought it would be a great idea to do the Red Chip Core Course. I have been a Pro member before and I always loved Red Chip, but I have to say I have been super impressed by Core, it is extremely comprehensive. I would say that it is actually not suited to beginner players, because especially at Level II onwards we are talking about some quite advanced stuff already, which is great.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello. Alongside this course I am completing the Elliot Roe Masterclass on Run It Once and am now in the process of optimising every area of my life to perform as best I can at the poker tables, so it will be a very busy summer of work. However, I have now decided that I want poker to be my career and to pour everything I have into this endevaour and am super excited about the future and the type of poker player I can become.

Hope this was not too long-winded.


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