Am I Value-towning myself in these spots?

Ron KRon K Red Chipper Posts: 119
edited October 2014 in Online Poker Hands
Here is a spot where I think I'm usually value betting, but as the hand gets deeper and the pot grows larger , I can feel the value of my hand actually getting thinner and might need to switch to a showdown value mindset. I remember SplitSuit saying to keep the value bet mindset as a default against these type of players you know are fishy or have limited information on rather than being too pot controlly and losing value. I am just usually on the fence in these spots especially OOP.

I thought of alternate lines as to only pay off 2 streets instead of the usual bet/bet/bet line.

What's your line here ? My opponent is a 40/20 after 15 hands (I know it's probably too small of a sample but it's something)


Thanks for Your Time :)


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