GTO vs Exploitative low stakes non thinking players

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Ok want opinions on this. I still think I am not winning as much because I using a more defensive style of GTO relying on the math to much. Watched Miller and Jones on this topic. When at lower stakes where they will go broke with top pair or even middle pair, love chasing big draws.

Does GTO or major math come into play when the majority of players are not at that level or mind set.

Here is another thought at what age of players that never read or studied poker?

My opinion is the older guys I play with have played for many years never read or studied, their style and ideas of game has not changed in 2 years playing with them.

So what I looking for is how to be a better exploitative player. I love player watching and getting real good at seeing patterns. Where I have trouble is when playing against younger that more on wild side. I feel I tighten up and make my range to easy for them to exploit me.


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    I keep finding myself walking down this road for whatever reason. Thing is i am no expert in GTO but i love the theory and idea of it. I take certain concepts to help me do one major thing. Personal range construction without having to think about player type. Exploitative style is where you will make more money because you focus on the mistakes players are making but that involves getting information always re-adjusting and staying super sharp mentally as you focus. GTO revolves around playing a balanced style where you are unexploitable and yes you do win some kind of money against players who aren't playing GTO or in a more realistic world, against players who aren't balanced.

    Truth is, with GTO the players you are playing becomes less important and your game and your self-development is the priority as you start to focus more on that perfect balance strategy. Now i won't try to say more than that because i am no GTO expert but if you want to get into GTO, then yes it will help, however against your non-thinking players you are better off learning to exploit them since they will be the players who would have a ton of mistakes.

    Now how to do so? Well study more and look at more situations that gives you trouble.

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