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Poker ramble.
I was playing decent yesterday in 2/5 game. I got in a three way and lost what I had on the table. The winner hit a gut for 1.4K pot. The other two of us had up and downs from the flop. he was playing a gutter for a higher straight. I reached in and reloaded my SS. I played another five hours and was up on the day about $300. The table changed and was all regs/pros with no recreational players. Tight. I moved to another table.

Mixed group. One or two pros, mostly decent players. One pro was playing aggressive, pushing a few around. I'm pretty much just watching and taking down a few pots with air. I have a solid table image, will push the action and steal in position. I realize I am tired. The pro gets into a pot with me and I lose my table chips. A little more than the profits for the day. Now, I am at six hours and down.

Two things I think happened. One, I was tired and debating about calling it a day or taking a break. Two. Players do not come at me with weak hands, or try some of the things I see them trying on others. I shoved a bet the pro made, but he had something. In other cases, he did not have it. But my table image is different and players will not play weak against me. Also, changing tables means starting all over. Changing after five-six hours isn't a good idea for me.


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