Beating Online Poker without a HUD



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    BoilerAce wrote: »
    I guess the easiest way to put it is that I don't think it teaches me anything in thinking for myself. I've never going to sit down at a live table and be able to look over and see 16/43 and 29/33 printed on people's foreheads or see their post flop/turn fold percentage written on the table in front of them.

    Right, but you're not thinking about it correctly.

    I'm not telling you to use a HUD, but I'm saying you should at least understand the situation.

    Online is not like live, so your analogy isn't valid. True, you don't see stats on your opponents foreheads, but what you're not taking into account is that online, your opponents do see your stats on your forehead, but you don't see theirs. So your scenario of just playing "straight up" isn't realistic. Now, if you want to play somewhere that HUDs aren't allowed, then you're good to go. But if you play where HUDs are allowed, then you're just not playing the same game as your opponents. It's like trying to climb Everest without oxygen, while everyone around you is breathing from a tank. It's been done before once or twice, but what are you trying to do, make the record books by being the first guy to crush online without a HUD?

    Live and online are just different, you just have to accept that. Personally, I don't play online very much anymore for that very reason. I don't enjoy playing with HUDs very much, and I definitely don't enjoy playing without them either.

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    If you read Andrew Seidman "Baluga Whale" book Easy Game, yes that is the spelling, He played online without the benefits of a HUD.
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    The debate about playing with a HUD or not shouldn't be a debate if the player play 1 to 4 tables. Depending on the ability to focus, a player will grasp the most of the actions/dynamics at his tables. When you start to add more tables than the action increase very quickly and suddenly you have to rely on quick notes, visual ones for the most part and that is where the HUD is essential.

    Let's say i'm playing 8 tables and i got a somewhat new player on a table (300 hands on him) and i already tagged him in a previous session as a Nit/Tag player (Blue Tag). I got a good hand CO, i raise standard and he called in BB, HU pot. I'm already playing on others tables than when i return to this table the Nit/Tag donked into the pot. The first reaction for me given the visual info (blue) that i got would be to say "Well, a Nit/Tag donked he probably got a strong hand or at least 2P" BUT fortunately for me i got a HUD. Than i can see that he is donking over 20% in those situation. which lead me to think that he don't only bet 2P+Strong hand, he can do it with TP AND Draws. Now it is not a clear fold as it was based only on a visual note i had.

    This is why you play with a HUD. I already got the info i would have if i was playing without a HUD. I know the type of player he is and it gives me a broad visual of his playing style but i want more details than that.
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    oh gosh yes!...if you play multi table (more then 2) you really need a HUD...there are a lot of things you can do to get advantages (like take notes on players, like i do) without a HUD, and i won't get too deep into it here (because none RCP ppl can read this and i don't want to give away too much without ppl paying for info), but, yes, there are a lot of situations that are better with/ without a HUD.

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