Not a profitable weekend but an outstanding long hour session, here's why.

Christopher SChristopher S Red Chipper Posts: 53 ✭✭
I've been on a downswing which is okay because for my skill because I'm learning more and more in the red chip poker world as well as at the 1/2 table live. I played earlier this week Monday and Tuesday and went $400 in the hole 4 buy-in's for me at $100 each.

I said to myself wow I'm gonna make tips this week at my job and use that money to pull me out of this hole on the weekend when I could get a much softer seat. I made $200 in tips plus my paycheck. Already covered car insurance. paycheck was like $150. So I took it all out saturday around 5:00pm and spewed off $150 at my local spot.

I had studdied in the morning when I woke up about aggression at the table and really reviewed my ranges and made sure my play was sound before I left. Went over previous hands and looked at ideas where I can exploit people.

After I spewed off $150 buy-in plus the $100 I didn't cash I had a horrible feeling about the place and I went home for 3 hours. Ate some food drank coffee and watching some 1/2 NL game on youtube and evaluated all moves etc.

I wasn't feeling good about my local casino at the time so I went somewhere new to the Seminole Hard rock casino in hallandale FL. I sat at a 5 handed table me making it 6 and the first hand I was holding the wheel A5 I raised it got a raise and I called... I flopped the straight against a drunk guy and kept betting he raised again on the turn and I reraised but he folded. He was very splashy trying to outplay people. I made $100 off him and left with the cash.

I felt confident after that I went back to my local casino at 4 am I found a great game and bought in for $100. I was raising playing aggressively and kept my range in check. Won a few coin flips with shortstacks and even a stack of $100. I got up at 730 am and cashed out for $290. My math may be wrong somewhere because I was so in the game the money didn't worry me. I winded up leaving with $490 total when I went home and slept so good.

I accomplished alot this weekend and stoked about playing more aggressively with reasoning. I use to shoot myself in the foot with aggression but I see why it makes sense now in certain situations. I dug myself out of that one big time and it felt great to be confident with my strategies although I was $550 in the whole by the time I played at 5pm at the first table. I didn't even break even but I made a huge comeback with knowledgeable reasoning that got me over the thought of a big loss for me.


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 3,970 -
    It's VERY tough to play creative & aggressive with 50bb. It sounds like your BR is short - but keeping working to get to a point where you can play 100bb+
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  • Christopher SChristopher S Red Chipper Posts: 53 ✭✭
    Playing with a 50bb stack has taught me so much discipline because I have to control myself with a tighter range at first especially when I first sit down and have to learn my opponents. As I make around 75bb I ease in more of my range and do start getting creative. By the time I hit 100bb slow and steady seems to be the name of the game at that point.

    I'm hoping by the end of this week I could buy-in for 100bb and play slow and steady after evaluation of my opponents. That'd be nice!
  • volcanovolcano Red Chipper Posts: 346 ✭✭
    What part of your range do you change up from 50 bb to 100 + bbs? How do you adjust vs a lag or a nit?
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    @volcano Thanks volcano for bringing that because truthfully I haven't been adjusting to much against lag's or nit's lately. I've studied the concept before but that's something that I could work on for sure.

    My idea of the concept is that I'd play all pairs against a nit as well as baby suited connectors and Ax hands, and continue with those Ax hands if I pick up two pair by the turn.

    I know a nit actually that i play with pretty often. I keep remembering the image of him turning over his dealt pair of kings at the end of each hand about 5 times now. His frequency of playing high cards especially pocket pairs is very weighted I think. I think his range may be weighted towards pocket pairs and AK+ maybe even AQ+ in later posistions.

    Most of the time he's just sitting at the table socializing and then all of sudden cards are dealt and he open raises, he also gives not a cheap price on the flop. I believe this falls along the lines of tight aggressive. Any opinions on the tight aggressive or how to play against them.

    LAG players on the other hand have always been tougher for me to decide how to play against top pair top kicker is only good some percent of the time two pair a little more percent of the time is best and three of a kind seems to be the ultimate trap to a LAG I mainly like to play pocket pairs against these players and draw for trips but most often then not, I wind up folding soe holdings because I know the straight draw and sometimes flush will hit there range a fair percentage of the time. Again any opinions on how to deal with LAG's. I'm working on combos right now so now would be a good time to see how I can adjust my range to these opponents.

    Thanks Volcano More Study For Me!
  • volcanovolcano Red Chipper Posts: 346 ✭✭
    edited February 2017
    one tip is that you can play a lag with weaker hands. Sometimes a middle pair is a great hand depending on the opponent. Often a lag will abuse a 1/2 table so bad that they become nits and play their hands face up. They fold unless they have the nuts. Dont do that!
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    volcano wrote: »
    one tip is that you can play a lag with weaker hands. Sometimes a middle pair is a great hand depending on the opponent. Often a lag will abuse a 1/2 table so bad that they become nits and play their hands face up. They fold unless they have the nuts. Dont do that!

    Just be careful, because you can't out-LAG a LAG for too long :)

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