Two pair on a paired board 3 way

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This is from my first "shot" at 2/5, basically I sat down at the wrong table but after watching a couple of hands I decided to stay.

This occurred Sunday morning, most of the table had been running all night. I sat down at 730 am, this hand played out maybe an hour after I sat down. V2 was a degen lagtard, I didn't have a great read on V1 though, he was definitely way too loose preflop, he seemed gambly but definitely knew what was going on post flop. I also make a conscious effort to assign a greater skill level to my opponents than they probably deserve.

UTG straddles to 10
Hero AsKs $450 UTG +1 raises to 40
V1 $1200 MP calls 40
V2 $200 MP2 calls 40
UTG $500 calls 40

Flop AdKh9s rainbow
Hero Checks
V1 checks
V2 All in
V1 Call
UTG folds

Basically I checked because i was almost positive that V2 would fire at me and there is nothing I need to protect against. I also didn't want to chase the other 2 villians out of the pot. I called because I didn't want to chase V1 out of the pot after V2 shoved . My plan was to bet out the turn on basically any card.

Turn comes a 9d (basically the only bad card in the deck for me)
Hero Checks
V2 Checks
Now this is sort of where I got confused because, A9 is definitely in V2's Flop calling range and maybe even 910 or J9, as well as AQ, AJ, AT, maybe even QJ, QT, JT.
The more I think about this hand however, I realize that I probably should have fired here but at the time I was worried that I was only getting called/ reraised by a 9 but having watched the guy play for a couple of hours I came to the conclusion that he was capable of calling lighter than that. Basically, in that moment I saw it as a situation where I'm either way ahead or way behind. I'm definitely calling were he to have bet at me though.

2d completing a backdoor flush.


  • YoshYosh Red Chipper Posts: 580 ✭✭✭
    You need to bet, you'll be hard pressed to get the villain to bluff or thin value bet into an empty side pot. I would also revisit your decisions on the flop and turn.
  • SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 780 ✭✭✭
    After your check on the flop, you got exactly what you wanted.

    Now shove over the top. Don't be too cute. If they have anything they will call. If they fold and surrender their equity, that's OK too.

    Either you isolate V1 or set up a side pot. Both good for you

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