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The bug here is an example hand being shown with the green dot on the left panel as a straight draw, when the hand (T9 on QJ8) and the matching equity on the graph (both hit) is a straight.

The idea is to be able to click on a percentage-bar of one of the graphs, and see an example hand from that section. So if you click the 60% equity bar of "both players miss" it gives such an example of a hand where you both miss and you have 60% equity (not many hands in this case); the same option would apply for all 9 graphs.

The other upgrade this might require, is that this program store all of its individual results from the thousands of samples already generated, and to draw from that pool every time you request a random hand from that equity mark within a specific graph--rather than running a new sample for the example like it does now.
Maybe it wouldn't though. It could just run a bunch more random hands(like a custom flop) till it finds such a hand; as long as the rest of the data from the general crunching remains intact.


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    So, I found this and am able to reproduce it. This is indeed an error in logic. It has been a while since I coded this, but there was some logic needed because some made hands (like middle pair plus a straight draw) needed to be in only one bucket the way this program is set up. Apparently there is a bug in this logic.

    I doubt it has caused much problems overall, but it should be fixed. I am investigating now and hope to get a patch out ASAP. Being able to reproduce it makes this a ton easier.

    As to the improvement, I completely agree that would be great, I had been thinking of that myself also. I think it would be great to right click on a hand type, or an equity bucket and get a hand of that nature. As you mention, there are two ways to do that: store one of each, or generate them until you find one that fits.

    This is a more fundamental change that I need to consider for much longer. It would also go with a bunch of other improvements that might come along with such a big change.
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    Version 1.47 has been released with this bug fix.

    It will download the next time you start Flop Falccon.
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    Author Poker Plays You Can Use
    Author Poker Workbook for Math Geeks

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