Frequency based range analysis

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Bought Ed's book about a month ago and had a question for the forum or Ed. What do I do with the hands in my checking range that I want to carry from round to round? Either I want to use them to bluff catch or they are my medium strength hands I want check with on the river. I have been writing out ranges using the 70% rule with the rules to pick out what hands to value bet and to bluff. If I am taking those 70% of combos and breaking them down by the rules from round to round of betting, do I re include those combos on the next round or do I just know they r there for my bluff catching and showdown purposes???

Pls be gentle guys and gals, new to no limit and this frequency based approach.


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    Unless I'm misunderstanding your question, you must include them in your 70% using Ed's plan. There is no extra, "off the books" category with this approach to creating your range of continuing combinations of hands.

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    I don't really address what to do with the checking hands in the book, since I considered it beyond the scope. Once you check them, they disappear from your 70% betting ranges, never to return. With the hands you plan to check-call with, you can divide them roughly into hands you plan to check-call once with, twice with, and three times with--obeying the general principle that you should lose some of the hands at each step (i.e., the 70% rule).

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