What hands do you raise with in these scenarios?

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Game is 1/3 live

I have 2 scenarios:

1. You've been playing very aggressively. It's a weak game, and you've been taking pots without showdown. And now you're the big ass on the table and everybody's after you.

You're in CO and 2 limpers in front. One from EP and one from MP

What range% do you raise here?

2. Same thing, but this time, instead of 2 limpers. There's an open to 4x BB from early, and one caller from MP.

What range% do you 3bet here?

I realize my 3! is very nitty. I admit I've been playing kind of tight, tag type of style.

Is there an advice for opening up my game and not wasting value?

I'm a winning player but maybe because my pool is too weak so playing solid tag is ok.

Is solid tag better vs lag? I tried making higher variance lines but the board hasn't been kind so far.


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    What are the effective stacks?
    What is the limping range you give them?

    There is no exact answer to your questions without more information.

    What range do you think you should raise with?
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    The key question for me is: HOW are they after you? In other words, what is their counter strategy? Is it to raise you more pre-flop? To limp-call their entire range and try to trap? To call more, hoping to hit a monster but folding too often post-flop?

    Here's how I see it: You have found an exploit, but you see that it's pay-off is likely to end. At this point, you can't adjust until you know/anticipate how the other players are going to counter you. Then, you play against their adjustment -- which will open up new leaks.

    IMO, not easy at all. I often find that these lead to my most profitable sessions. I am huge on an aggressive exploit; I then lose a good percentage trying to identify the counter-strategy being exploited; I then go up faaaaar more if/when I have identified my response before their counter-strategy pays off. It's tricky, though, and it doesn't always work...

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