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Hey Y'all,

A few months ago I did a little write-up about private poker apps on here attempting to get a Red Chip group started. I didn't get much in the way of a response from y'all. But since I'm switching apps and relaunching a new group with The Molassus event, I thought I could chime in again and let you all know about this new medium for poker.

What's up with these private poker apps?

PPPoker, Pokerrrr2, and PokerMaster are 3 of these apps which allow for private poker clubs to be formed. The apps facilitate game structure/play, account balances, essentially everything but the actual money. The app makes money in the same way most apps do: a confusing multi-currency system in which you get gold for free, pay for diamonds, use diamonds to buy gold... it's confusing and doesn't really matter, it only affects the club owner.

So how is money handled?

When you join a club, you will find a number in the info bar which you can contact about making deposits or withdrawals. In Club Moldy, this goes to my google voice number. I give you my PayPal address, you send me your deposit, I send you the amount of the deposit in chips, and then that is your account balance with which can play. Your deposited funds are then stored in an account for easy and quick withdrawals if you stack some fools or decide to give up on poker before joining a game.

Are there long-term goals for Club Moldy?

Great question! Glad you asked it! My goal is to establish an enjoyable poker experience through this new medium of poker apps. My last group, which I hosted on Pokerrrr 2, had sporadic nightly cash games of NLH / PLO in the $.05/$.1 to $.5/$1 range. The structure of the app overall limited our growth, so we are moving to PPPoker hoping to achieve a more structured experience.

My hope is to get the kind of traffic that would allow us to make a schedule of the events for each month, much like a local poker room. Have a mix of cash games and tournaments, NLH and PLO, low stakes and high stakes. All with game structures better than your local room and competitive rake!

Uh, did you say rake?

Of course! The app actually does not allow for you to run a game with out taking rake. The max is to be 3bb at 5%, which is already better than the rake in almost any $1/$2 live game you could find. The rake is static at 10% for tournaments. The first good amount of rake will be going towards the running costs and eventual creation of a progressive jackpot that the app facilitates.

Alright, you've got a way with words. I'm sold! How do I join?

Kind of you. To join Club Moldy, use the following steps:
  • Download the PPPoker app for mobile or windows. Links on the PPPoker webpage.
  • Register an account on the startup page.
  • On the main screen (the 'Spade' on the bottom toolbar) there is a 'CLUB' bar. Click the magnifying glass and enter the club code '373662'.
  • Contact me at 774-701-0125 or [email protected] for more details. The same can be done for deposits or withdrawals.
  • There will be a bonus of $10 for you for each person you refer that makes a deposit. (Within reasonable conditions. I am a human and I will not be 'gamed'.)

**The first Club Moldy event will be the $40 buy-in tournament "The Molassus" on Sunday June 17th. Tournament info here. Potential low stakes cash games may follow. Please make attempt to put the money in your account before the start of the tourney.**



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