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Another bumper crop of training material is being released in October. Enjoy!

10/1. Sweeney. "Live $2/$5: One-Pair Hands." James reviews some hands played by a student and suggests improvements on the lines taken.

10/4. Brokos. Andrew continues his "Consider All Your Options" series, in which he uses Pio to explore non-standard lines. In this video he analyses check-flop/raise-turn situations.

10/8. Jones. "Player Pool Analysis: Floats And Probes." Adam employs a large database to understand how the population behaves in float and probe situations, and uses this information to explain how we can profit from these results.

10/9. Jones. "Player Pool Analysis: C-Bet Spots." In the second population analysis video Adam looks at exploits in c-bet and versus-c-bet situations.

10/11. Jones. "Player Pool Analysis: 3-Bet Pots ." A back-to-back-to-back dose of population analysis! Adam breaks down exploitative play in 3-bet pots both as the aggressor and the defender.

10/15. Haward. "Student Breakdown." Lucky Luke analyses a hand history of a tournament played by one of his students.

10/18. James. "SNG ICM Mistakes." ICM mistakes in single-table SNGs are particularly costly since we basically begin play at the final table. Gareth illustrates this with some hands provided by a student.

10/25. Vail. "Bluffing In O8." Greg explains that while bluffing in O8 has to be handled carefully, it can also greatly increase your win rate.

10/29. Brokos. In the third part of "Consider All Your Options," Andrew explores the unusual check/check/overbet line.
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