Open limping one's entire range from UTG and UTG+1



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    Red wrote: »
    Bottom line, I think it's a great exercise to improve (y)our game, like some other "always overbet turn" or "only raise pre when entering a pot". But I don't see it as more EV than opening your whole EP range, or having an opening and a limp/raise range.

    Interesting. Let me see if I am understanding you correctly.

    If/when I raise from EP I get a lot of callers, then I can adjust my raise sizing (which I have done). At some point, people will still call even the larger open. My counter-strategy experiment has been to play with limping my entire range.

    Your suggestion is not to tinker as radically with my pre-flop play but rather to experiment with different post-flop play. Is that correct?
  • moishetreatsmoishetreats Red Chipper Posts: 1,819 ✭✭✭✭
    jfarrow13 wrote: »
    @moishetreats MW pots with indifference to sizing sounds like one of those good problems to have, if you change your mindset. I buy-in for $200 for that reason at my $1/3 games, because I come out the gate swinging, and because it lower SPR's, so I can keep opponents weak ranges intact and still get stacks in against their more marginal hands. Yes, it devalues hands like SC and PP, but I find that often I'm up over the 100 BB mark in no time, and I generally only play those hands IP anyways, so it doesn't really change my strategy much. Besides, I have a graveyard full of posts with deep stack errors. In fact, I've put my pride aside, and I just stand up if I reach $500 and change tables now. No shame to my game bruh, I know that I'm really good at 75-150 BB's, and weaker around 200.

    I hear ya'!! With your approach, yeah, my experiment wouldn't be ideal. :)

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