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What is the best way to play against a player who every hand keeps going all-in. Regardless if it is a newly started 6max game, 10player, heads-up, etc.....that player's move is to go all-in everytime it his turn to act. His range can be anything. He can be shoving with 72off or AA...there doesn't seem to be any strategy involved. What do you do when you are at a table with someone who keeps playing this way (and no there is not the option to play somewhere else)? What is the threshold for starting hands (or your range) you would want to play in this situation? I am referring to cash game as well as tournament. Thnks. Mike.


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    If you face this kind of opponent you should not leave the table. In cash games it really depends on stack sizes/position. If V is shoving 100bb everytime and you are last to act I guess you should call every ace, probably every KX, all broadways, pocket pairs. Not sure about SCs tho.
    When there are players behind you this range becomes tighter.
    It's pretty much the same in tournaments when there is no money bubble or ICM involved.
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    IIRC the average hand is Q7. So just call anything better than that.

    Realistically, I'd look to call most Ax hands and K9+ 66+ assuming its at a full table and we are guaranteed to be heads up. Also, make sure your bank roll is sufficient because it's gonna be wild.
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    MK12345 wrote: »
    What is IIRC?

    If I Remember Correctly = IIRC
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    got it. thank u.
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    Does V open all-in or does he 3B all in when action is on him? If his strategy is just all-in every hand no matter what, just wait for something with some decent showdown value.

    If you want to risk it on an AXs go for it, but he could also be showing up with hands once in a while. I'd look for pots where you would be last to act calling his bet. Range you should be looking at depends on the effective stack, if he's shoving every hand with 30BB then I'd likely go in with 55+ and ATs+.

    If he is 150BB deep, depends on how you're feeling I guess - technically you can justify a wide range of calls if V is only shoving each time with no regard to his holdings. If this is going on a while, I'd wait for some premiums to crush him with.
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    First move to the right of him, so your last to act after he shoves. Against his ATC you can pick a range real easy..just go to equilab (whatever program or web site you use to check EV ranges against ranges) and figure out which hands have the equity you want.

    It gets tricky if other players call him...then you have to decide how much they are willing to gamble...but you will only need better then 33% equity....

    AFter this you have to figure out what edge you think you need. If variance is not a problem for you (you don't have a stop loose and continue playing even after a few big hits) your goal is to get the most +EV hands in before he leaves the table.

    If variance is a problem, then pick and equity thats a bit higher, and relies you will get less shots at his bank role and someone else may take it first. It really becomes a balancing act, but if you play with equilab you should get a good feel for the value different hands have against his range so you can make a good decision for yourself.

    For example 22 has 50.33 % its positive ev but you don't have to play it....
    A2o has 54% ev.....
    k7o has 55%....
    55 has 60%

    pick a number your willing to stack off with and go with it.

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