Tough decision with Pocket Kings

Ppacman73Ppacman73 Red Chipper Posts: 20 ✭✭
Hey guys got another hand for you guys like to hear what you think about it.

At borgata playing in a 1/2 game. Been sitting for about thirty minutes. Multiple people with over 500 dollar stacks. Limps have been getting punished multiple hands to raises since I sat down.
I’m under the gun with :Kd:Kc with 340 effective.I limp for two dollars reason why I did this was guy to my left limps a lot also and the players who seemed to be raising limped pots were in position.Now I know I was taking a risk but my plan was to three bet if not squeeze to a raise. If it gets limped around kick myself for being a donkey. Lol Anyway middle +2makes it 20 and cutoff called.Everyone folds to me I raise to 75. Either to take pot down or at least get the hand heads up with top of my range.Middle+2 then four bets to 280? Villian is twenty somthing young kid with about 800 in front of him. What’s our play hear?Ill reveal what happened latter in the discussion.


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