Atlantic City Card Rooms Review?

Gameaholic21Gameaholic21 New JerseyRed Chipper Posts: 19 ✭✭
I’ve seen RCP’s infographic and article of the various card rooms on the Vegas strip, including reviews of the atmosphere of the room, what kind of players it has typically has, promotions information and rake information. Does anyone know if there is something like that available for card rooms in Atlantic City? If not from RCP, then from a trustworthy or unbiased source? Personal comments welcome as well

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  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper, Table Captain Posts: 4,244 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Basically there is the Borgata, and if you need to punish yourself, some other rooms.
  • Gameaholic21Gameaholic21 New JerseyRed Chipper Posts: 19 ✭✭
    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Id be interested in some more opinions as well Kat, if they come haha.

    Ironically, Borgata is the only casino I haven't been to yet in AC. I figured that's where the stronger players would go and I would make more money off the weaker players at other casinos,

    I usually do Harrahs or Ballys since they have the same rewards (total rewards) and I can go between them as I please without forfeiting tier points playing somewhere else (Ceasers too, but they don't have their own Poker room - it's shared with Ballys). But if you're saying the comps are about the same in all of AC casinos then I'll have check out Borgata
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 2,985 -
    If you're chasing CET tier credits, that might be something that eases you to one of their properties. @persuadeo can likely address this, but re: your concern about stronger players at Borgata, with that many tables in action I suspect you'll always be able to land in a good game.
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  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 2,985 -
    Thanks very much @persuadeo
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  • Paul_KPaul_K DFWRed Chipper Posts: 330 ✭✭✭
    persuadeo wrote: »
    At Ocean's or whatever it is called it's just a sad 1/2 game in between the slots, but the beach is right there.

    I actually had a very fun late night session at Oceans earlier this year. It was 8 locals and me. The game was predictably soft and far from splashy. But the majority of the players were friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed the east coast raillery which, after being outed as "The Texan, was sent rapid-fire in my direction.

    Unfortunately, it was way too cold to retreat to the beach. But it was right there.
  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper, Table Captain Posts: 4,244 ✭✭✭✭✭
  • Paul_KPaul_K DFWRed Chipper Posts: 330 ✭✭✭
    persuadeo wrote: »
    So you are disagreeing with me by agreeing. Strong!

    Well, I suppose I agree that you have a point. But you’ll have to agree to that room being just a little bit less sad on that particular night.

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