Over The Top?

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Thoughts, please…

I’m aware just because we won a hand does not translate we played the hand well. Even though this hand-worked out in my favor, I have questions.

Online tournament but did I play this hand too aggressively? I’m second-guessing myself because we started so deep and in the early stages of the tournament.

One important bit of information, VILLAIN#2 tends to donk bet with weak and/or vulnerable hands (HUD Stats) confirm his high donk percentage. Moreover, this player is sticky so I don’t expect much folds unless aggression factor is high.

Curious about the following:
(1) What the HERO’s optimum line from the FLOP going forward should be with such a strong multiway draw?
(2) Should we be playing for stacks with a low SPR?
(3) Should we denying VILLAIN#2’s equity and exercise maximum FE (Fold Equity) with betting pressure and barreling?
(4) Should we be realizing our equity and call Flop, call Turn and bet/raise River?
(5) Ranges are important but I am confident we are drawing to the best hand. Do Ranges come into play for my aggressive line?

Although I won this hand not sure if I played it very good. Advice, please.

Seat 1: CALLER (6840 in chips) 137BB
Seat 2: VILLAIN#1 (2915 in chips) 58BB
Seat 3: VILLAIN#2 (5415 in chips) 108BB
Seat 5: HERO (4705 in chips) 94BB
Seat 6: LIMPER (3719 in chips) 74BB
Seat 7: FOLDER (6376 in chips) 127BB

VILLAIN#2: posts small blind 25
HERO: posts big blind 50

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to HERO :7c:8c
LIMPER: calls 50
FOLDER: folds
CALLER: calls 50
VILLAIN#1: raises 225 to 275
VILLAIN#2: calls 250
HERO: calls 225
LIMPER: calls 225
CALLER: calls 225

*** FLOP *** :3s:9c:6c
VILLAIN#2: bets 688
HERO: raises 1112 to 1800
LIMPER: folds
CALLER: folds
VILLAIN#1: folds
VILLAIN#2: calls 1112

*** TURN *** :3s:9c:6c:3d
VILLAIN#2: bets 900
HERO: raises 1730 to 2630 and is all-in
VILLAIN#2: calls 1730

*** RIVER *** :3s:9c:6c:3d:JC:

*** SHOW DOWN ***
VILLAIN#2: shows :5d:5h (two pair, Fives and Threes)
HERO: shows :7c:8c (a flush, Jack high)
HERO collected 10235 from pot



  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,838 -
    It's quite an interesting problem in that finding the best line against such dreadful opponents can be tricky. I think I prefer just calling flop, and I don't see what your turn shove accomplishes since V2 clearly isn't folding.
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