Fighting Back vs LAGs, Fausto Valdez

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Hello Everyone:

Ask most poker players the opponent type they least like playing and they will answer "a competent LAG." To some extent, this simply reflects the fact that a good loose-aggressive player will invariably be the biggest winner in a game. Beyond this, however, many players struggle with combating the tactics and strategy of a LAG, even when they have a good idea of what this opponent is doing.

In our next group coaching session, self-proclaimed LAG Fausto Valdez will explain why a LAG style is so effective. He'll also reveal potential chinks in the armor of an average LAG, enabling you to dismantle all but the very best of this player type. Along the way, you'll also learn how to adopt this style yourself.

As always we'll be offering a replay of this presentation for those who cannot attend in real time. If you have any questions you'd like added at the end of the session, please append them below.

Note: As some of you know, things have not been going 100% smoothly with our webinar platform provider. We're in the process of reviewing whether to use them this month, so although registration is open, you may prefer to hold off until we've concluded this review. I'll update this thread once we know for sure how we are proceeding.

Thanks ~ Kat
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