1/3 straight on the board, river bluff

March422March422 Red Chipper Posts: 34 ✭✭
Playing 7 handed the game has been your typical passive game with mostly limping PF and no 3betting.

Mp1 ($110)L, had been raising even from ep, even raising a little wide I think earlier in session. Had limp folded to a couple of my raises I perceive his limps to be weaker than normal.
Mp2($300 )L older dude like mid 50s super quiet so far 1.5 hrs. Hasn't raised pf but I am perceiving him to be more on the nitty old dude spectrum.
Co($ 550 ) :Td:Jh $15
BTN fold , SB ($300) calls, BB fold, MP1, MP2 both call

Flop ($55) :9d:Th:Jc
check, check, MP2 donks $20 Hero call, fold fold

I thought by raising flop I am almost over repping my hand. If V folds he most likely doesn't have a ton of equity v my hand. Maybe AT AJ folds, any hand with combo draw would likely continue for a small raise and I dont think I want to make a big raise here. I have all sets, straights maybe even Q8s with this dynamic, and QQ. If I flat the two behind me get to come along cheaply but I decide to just call.

Turn ($95) :Kc MP2 $35 Hero calls

I put v on 2pr+, straight now, I feel like the way I profiled this player he is just really unlikely to keep betting Tx or Jx. At the time I didn't account for AQ, which I thought he was more likely to raise PF but its hard to know if people are limping hands that strong until they show one down. I think KQ 78s make sense, QT, Q9s. I don't think I can fold here with 225 behind going into the river and a possibility to fill up or still have the best hand. Its also possible v has 78 I could turn my hand into a bluff on the river if he checks bc I don't expect him to stop betting Qx.

River ($165) :Qh MP2 $75 leaves $150 behind, H All in

I thought wow what a perfect river card for me, I put almost no Ax in V range on river, after thinking about it off table I guess there is a small possibility he could have A9cc ATcc.


  • Joe DoreJoe Dore Red Chipper Posts: 42 ✭✭
    I find that Villains at this level like to put us on AK almost all the time. small donks into low connected flops tend to be very weak hands trying to put you off your missed overcards.

    Lately I've been always trying to think about what I'd do with my monsters here and add bluffs accordingly. What would you do here with 99+? This is a very ugly board and you wouldn't want to see the turn come 8/9/T/J/Q/K which is a lot of cards so I'd be raising my value hands. there are a lot of weaker combos that can call a raise. Qx combos KJ, 9x, etc.

    I wouldn't want to be peeling here and see a number of cards roll off pairing the board, completing the OESD, bringing the V possible equity with a RR FD so I'd be raising the donkbet on the flop with my value hands and my qx combos, Kxs.

    Maybe you could put the Qx/8x combos and 1 pair hands into a calling range as well but I don't think I'd be flatting with too much here.

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